It’s a Done Deal: Wilkos Segues Into Own Show

Jan 16, 2007  •  Post A Comment

It’s official. Steve Wilkos, known worldwide as the bodyguard on “The Jerry Springer Show,” will soon be seen on a station near you. NBC Universal confirmed Tuesday that the distributor will spin off Mr. Wilkos into his own series which has now been sold to the Tribune and Sinclair station groups.

The move had been expected (TelevisionWeek 1/15), with the Tribune and Sinclair stations looking for a daytime series to maintain “Springer’s” audiences, after a series of disappointments.

“Steve’s popularity has grown tremendously over the last decade through his increased role on ‘The Jerry Springer Show’ and this is the natural next step for him,” says Barry Wallach, president of NBC Universal Domestic Television Distribution, which also handles “Springer.”. “We also are excited to continue our successful daytime relationship with our station partners at Tribune and Sinclair, where Steve’s new show will seamlessly fit in with both ‘Maury’ and ‘Jerry.'”

The series will feature “Springer” staple Mr. Wilkos offering advice and “doling out his version of justice,” according to a release sent Tuesday. The series, as yet untitled, will be taped at WMAQ-TV Chicago, the home of “The Jerry Springer Show” for the last 16 years. Richard Dominick, who is also executive producer of “The Jerry Springer Show” and the upcoming “The Springer Hustle” on VH1, will serve as executive producer on Wilkos’ show as well.

Wilkos’ has been featured in “Steve to the Rescue” episodes on “Springer” and for the last two seasons, has filled in as host of the show on a regular basis.

“It’s truly incredible that I first came to work part-time with Jerry and Richard some 14 years ago and here I am now getting my own show,” said Mr. Wilkos. “I believe my Marine training of what is right and what is wrong and the street smarts I picked up as a police officer will assist me in helping my guests get through the hard times they face each day.”

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