MTV’s ‘X’ Plans to Play Rough

Jan 10, 2007  •  Post A Comment

Few things go together as well as rock and wrestling. MTV plans to take advantage of the combination with a new series, “Wrestling Society X,” which premieres Jan. 30.
The network promises the grappling won’t be glamorous. Instead, it claims “Wrestling Society X” will feature the “dirtiest and most dangerous wrestling competition on TV,” with matches held in an undisclosed bunker.
Featured combatants including Jack Evans, billed as an aerial assault artist, arrogant catalog models Matt Sydal and Lizzy Valentine, and Teddy Hart, a third-generation wrestler.
Each episode will also feature a musical guest performing live. MTV has already booked Good Charlotte, Three 6 Mafia, New Found Glory, Pitbull, Black Label Society, Jibbs, Sparta, The Clipse, Quietdrive and Styles P.
Once the show is over, the action moves to the Internet and on demand. The network is putting WSXtra online at wsx.mtv.com. The site features bonus footage, interviews and wrestler profiles.
MTV Mobile users will also get update features showing the latest wrestling moves, along with ringtones, wallpaper and other goodies.
“Wrestling Society X” is produced by Big Vision Entertainment in conjunction with MTV. Houston Curtis and Sam Koriks executive-produce the show.
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