So Many Serials, So Little Time

Jan 8, 2007  •  Post A Comment

Though several shows on their best series lists have serialized elements, critics said networks launched too many new serials this fall.

Critics were asked whether networks launched too many quality shows this fall vying for viewers’ attention and, if so, what shows were overlooked. Most objected to the term “quality,” arguing there can never be too many quality shows, but said viewers suffered from serial bombardment.

“Most viewers took a quick look at some of the shows and said they didn’t need to start another relationship,” wrote Rick Kushman, the Sacramento Bee.

Alan Pergament, Buffalo News, agreed: “My readers told me they already have too many shows on their lists and wouldn’t even try `The Nine’ or `Kidnapped.”‘

Critics repeatedly singled out “The Nine,” “Kidnapped” and especially “Friday Night Lights” as being tragically overlooked by viewers during the fall glut.

William LaRue, Syracuse Post-Standard, added that all the serialized shows helped him appreciate ABC’s decidedly episodic “Ugly Betty.”

“`Ugly Betty’ is one of the few new shows that are good with straightforward, clever storytelling,” he wrote. “And it doesn’t require 30 confusing flashbacks in every episode.”