Study Links Connectivity With TV Viewing

Jan 4, 2007  •  Post A Comment

A new study by CBS found that people who have both a broadband Internet connection and a digital television are the most likely portion of the population to watch top broadcast network programs.

The new study, released Thursday, just before the start of the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, also found that this “fully connected” segment visits network television Web sites and is increasingly likely to stream clips and full episodes on the Web. Those people tend to be upscale, better educated and more engaged with programs, CBS said.

“This data clearly shows a correlation between connectivity and prime-time television viewing,” said David Poltrack, chief research officer for CBS.

“Consumers who embrace the new media are the heaviest viewers of the top network prime-time programs, and this sector of the audience is growing,” Mr. Poltrack said. “By offering them new ways to connect to their favorite shows … we’re able to deepen the bond these fully connected viewers have with our programming.”

CBS’s survey also found that less than 30 percent of the population is aware of the 2009 deadline for broadcasters to switch to digital transmission. But it found that half of those who are aware have already purchased a digital set and another 30 percent plan to before the change over.

When those who are not aware were told of the upcoming change, 40 percent said they would upgrade to a digital set before 2009.

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