Syndicated Stars Hook Viewers, Study Shows

Jan 17, 2007  •  Post A Comment

Viewers of syndicated programming have a stronger connection with stars on those shows than network stars, according to a new study released by the Syndicated Network Television Association.

The survey, conducted with E-Score, showed that viewers had more trust in stars of syndicated programming, and that those shows experienced less commercial skipping by viewers with digital video recorders. The syndicated shows also have more same-day viewership on DVRs than their network counterparts, the study showed.

Results of the study, which was conducted last year, was presented to advertisers Wednesday by SNTA president Mitch Burg. It showed that 95 percent of the adult 18-49 viewers of syndicated programming watch a recorded show on the same day it aired. For network series, it took over four days to reach 95 percent of audiences, which means audiences would completely miss messages advertising a time-sensitive promotions.

“Our commercials deliver twice the recall than networks and viewers are more likely to be influenced by our stars,” said Mr. Burg. “Audiences invite these hosts into their homes every day on television because they trust them and believe in their messages and you can’t ignore that power when it comes to advertising.”

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