Yahoo Unveils Brand-Linking Strategy

Jan 30, 2007  •  Post A Comment

Yahoo introduced a new strategy today designed to better link entertainment content across Yahoo’s sites and services.

Under this so-called “Brand Universe” strategy, Yahoo will develop sites dedicated to 100 high-profile entertainment brands this year, including TV shows “Lost” and “The Office,” as well as video games “Halo” and “The Sims” and the “Harry Potter” movie franchise. The new approach kicked off late last year with a test site dedicated to Nintendo’s Wii at wii.yahoo.com with Wii-centric content and services.

This new strategy should marry Yahoo content that previously existed as separate silos, said Vince Broady, head of games, entertainment and youth at Yahoo, while speaking to a group of reporters at a media luncheon at Yahoo’s Sunnyvale, Calif., headquarters. “You can’t get from the flickr photos with Jack Bauer tags to the ’24’ page on Yahoo TV. You can’t get to the groups on ’24.” We don’t connect the dots for users around these brands,” he said. “Brand Universe is really a concept designed to fix that problem.”

In addition to linking its assets across Yahoo’s network of sites, Yahoo will report back to its entertainment partners on the traffic, activity and reach of those brands, he said.

Yahoo has tapped the 100 brands for the Brand Universe club based on critical mass of audience, passion of audience and reach against the 13 to 34 demo that Yahoo is targeting. Brands will primarily be movies, TV shows, video games and celebrities with a strong entertainment value.

Mr. Broady expects to lure additional ad dollars and he’s positioning Brand Universe as a premium advertising vehicle. “The brands we choose all drive tremendous amounts of revenue,” he said. “We can create an ongoing environment on Yahoo that has traffic and sustains over time and can create new revenue opportunities over time.”

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