‘American Idol’ Backlot Talk

Feb 27, 2007  •  Post A Comment

TVWeek: Hello again everybody, it’s Chuck Ross, Editorial Director here at TelevisionWeek, and we’re on once again with Nigel Lythgoe, who’s executive producer and sometimes director, of every other episode, I believe, of “American Idol.” Good afternoon.
Mr. Lythgoe: Good afternoon, Chuck.
TVWeek: Boy, quite a week, thank you so much for doing this. You just must be exhausted. Five weeks of live “Idol” this week, five hours, I mean. My God.
Mr. Lythgoe: Five hours, yeah, it feels like five weeks, Chuck.
TVWeek: Fantastic. By the way, first and foremost, a very, very hearty congratulations to you and Ken – for those of you who may not have read it, both Nigel and Ken are going to executive produce the Emmys this year, and boy, that show can use a shot in the arm, and I think they’ve got the team that can do it.
Mr. Lythgoe: That’s kind of you, Chuck. Ken and I are really looking forward to the challenge of it, and we hope we can bring something entertaining to the process.
TVWeek: Fantastic. Well, we’re very much looking forward to it. Well, let’s get right to last night and then we’ll sort of backtrack to the other two nights. And, I have to tell you, I was sort of surprised by some of the folks voted out, and I guess we can start with the guys first. I actually am sort of surprised that Sundance [Head] didn’t . was one of the two guys chosen.
Mr. Lythgoe: Well, I don’t want to really want to talk about anybody who’s still there.
TVWeek: Sure, that’s fair enough.
Mr. Lythgoe: Because it’s lousy on them. But . the only one for me is that I’m surprised that Rudy [Cardenas] got voted out.
TVWeek: I am very surprised as well.
Mr. Lythgoe: I’d say I think he’s got a very good voice, he’s a very talented young man and I’m sorry that he’s gone the first week.
TVWeek: I agree, I agree. But, you know, that’s what makes “Idol” what a great show it is. Oh and by the way, speaking of last night’s show, and then we’ll go back and talk about some of the wonderful performances we saw this week, I got to tell you, one thing that I was so pleased to see was Fantasia. I mean, you look at her and you say, you know America, you picked her as the Idol and, man, she is good.
Mr. Lythgoe: She is tremendous. I do think, though, that there are about five or six girls this season that, once they’ve been through the whole process of “Idol” and come out the other end, are gonna be equally as good.
TVWeek: I agree.
Mr. Lythgoe: I am really excited about this season.
TVWeek: Oh, good for you, and you should be. And I’m so glad to see Fantasia’s going to be on Broadway, that’s going to be pretty exciting.
Mr. Lythgoe: Isn’t it? Yeah.
TVWeek: So, let’s . we will go back to the first night and this week. And one thing I must to say, just opening up and I would like to get your comment, I did think overall that the girls certainly overall did better than the boys. What do you think?
Mr. Lythgoe: [laughs] I think, I hate to say it, but I just think that’s pretty obvious, Chuck.
TVWeek: Oh, OK. [laughs] That’s why I love this so much, Nigel. Because I try and sugarcoat it and you’re the one who’s telling me, don’t sugarcoat it, Chuck. Just tell it the way it is.
Mr. Lythgoe: Oh no, the fact is that the boys are going to have to step up to the plate now.
TVWeek: They sure do.
Mr. Lythgoe: They weren’t even in the game. That was a shutout every inning.
TVWeek: I agree.
Mr. Lythgoe: You know, I’m becoming very American here.
TVWeek: [laughs]
Mr. Lythgoe: That really was. I mean, the girls killed them.
TVWeek: I think, you know if you had had, you know, if you had said, you know, we’re not going to vote by person, just vote if you want to see, you know, the girls to continue or the boys to continue, all the guys would’ve been out. You’re absolutely right, Nigel.
Mr. Lythgoe: I think also, you know, Randy was asked, OK, if this wasn’t an even competition and you had to just put in who you wanted, how many girls would be in the top 12?; I think he said eight and four boys. I think he was being very generous to the boys there.
TVWeek: Right.
Mr. Lythgoe: But you know, this week the boys have got to prove that they deserve to be there.
TVWeek: I agree. Well, by the way, I agree with you. I think actually Rudy’s performance the other night, despite what Simon had to say, Paula liked his performance, and I have to tell you, I thought it was actually pretty good.
Mr. Lythgoe: Yeah. No, I did, too. I think he was in a tough slot. He was in the first position, first song in the top 24, and he really didn’t stand out in the Hollywood week and everything. I think he just got overlooked. You can’t afford to be overlooked. The following night, the girls in the first and second place did very well, so it isn’t just about where you’re positioned in the production. I don’t know what went wrong, but America didn’t vote.
TVWeek: Exactly. Next we had Brandon [Rodgers] singing the Michael Jackson song “Rock With You.” That’s always tough to sing, you know, from some of the great singers. And he’s a backup singer himself, so he certainly knows what that’s like. And everybody said it was just not really impactful. And I think they’re probably right about Brandon’s choice this week.
Mr. Lythgoe: Yeah I thought he had . he’s got great charisma. I like his warmth when he sings.
TVWeek: Right.
Mr. Lythgoe: So it’s the song that maybe was wrong.
TVWeek: So now we’ll move to Sundance and again, I certainly didn’t wanna put you on the spot, but I just have to tell you, for me, of all the guys’ performances, obviously a great song, everybody’s going to be comparing it to the Moody Blues. He sang “Nights in White Satin,” and I sort of agree, in fact I don’t sort of agree, I very much agree with what Simon said, which is I don’t think Sundance has been as good as he was in the audition and he was damn good in the audition.
Mr. Lythgoe: Well, that “Stormy Monday” was the right . you know his voice is just so .
TVWeek: Ahh, it was great.
Mr. Lythgoe: . perfect for that bluesy thing. I don’t think there’s much of a song to “Nights in White Satin.” I think it’s a sound, I think it’s a period of time, it’s everything that was of the Moody Blues at that time in the sort of ’60s/’70s. This was not the right time to sing that song.
TVWeek: You’re absolutely right. That was a very good observation. Next came Paul Kim, who now is off the show, and I mean unfortunately Simon said, “I’d suggest you put your shoes on next time,” there isn’t going to be a next time. But yeah, it wasn’t too good of a job of a George Michael song the other night.
Mr. Lythgoe: Well, let’s hope he does put his shoes on. It’s a long walk home.
TVWeek: [laughs] Exactly. Next we had Chris Richardson and, again, you know, I think he’s got some potential, but, boy, he’s got to step it up again.
Mr. Lythgoe: Great personality again, great charisma, lovely warmth, gotta find the right songs.
TVWeek: Right. Next we have Nick [Pedro], who wowed us with his “Fly Me to the Moon” when he auditioned and you know, we were all rooting for him and we’re still rooting for him with his great personal story, having what happened to him last year where he couldn’t remember his words. He remembered the words, but you know, again, a notch below what we really need to see.
Mr. Lythgoe: Yeah, I think Nick has a problem with his nerves. I think that’s shown itself in forgetting his lyrics, and I think that there is that about his performance. He forgets to perform sometimes. . He became very round-shouldered. He is somebody that has got to get his personality through his songs. Otherwise he’ll be going home very quickly, which is a great shame because the voice is really good quality, you know.
TVWeek: Right, exactly. Next we have a guy that I don’t know if we’ve talked too much about, but I think is going to go a long way on this show, and I’d be interested to hear if you agree, which is Blake Lewis, our sort of beat-boxer from Seattle. And again, the judges weren’t so wowed . especially Simon wasn’t so crazy about the show, although I think he said it was the best performance of the night. But I think he’s a really really talented guy.
Mr. Lythgoe: I think he’s a very talented guy. I think he is going to have a very niche market in his future. I think he’s gonna go for some very strange music. The theme song was interesting and I know he’s doing Jamiroquai this week. It’s very interesting to see how he goes along.
TVWeek: We’ll find it.
Mr. Lythgoe: I think he’s got to open up his market a little bit.
TVWeek: I think you’re absolutely right, and we’ll see if he can do it. I mean, maybe we’ll be pleasantly surprised. Again, how very perceptive of you. Sanjaya [Malakar]-am I pronouncing that right?-is next, who has his sister who is pushing him a lot. And again, another Stevie Wonder song and those are tough, those are tough as all the judges said.
Mr. Lythgoe: Yeah, I mean for me he sang “I Don’t Wanna Bore You” and he did bore me, I’m afraid.
TVWeek: [laughs] Poor guy.
Mr. Lythgoe: But what great eyes. I mean, the camera absolutely loves him and I can understand why he’s still there. I can see all those little girls telephoning in and supporting him.
TVWeek: Hey, look, I have no qualms about saying the guy looks gorgeous, there’s no doubt about it. So.
Mr. Lythgoe: Almost as good as his sister, but not quite.
TVWeek: [laughs] Really. So next we have one of our favorites, Chris Sligh, who you know has got a great sense of humor and everything. He’s got the great personality and we’ll see how long that lends him on the song [“Typical”]. He did a.typical of the song, I think he did a so-so job and we’ll see what happens.
Mr. Lythgoe: Typical, yeah. It was quite interesting that he sort of came straight at Simon and I think Simon was complimenting him at the time. He obviously got this line in his head that he was going to spurt out whatever, regarding Simon’s credibility with doing.L.umm, I keeping calling them LT, though they’re not called that, are they?
TVWeek: No, I know what you’re speaking of, but it escapes me as well.
Mr. Lythgoe: Simon’s group.
TVWeek: Exactly, yes.
Mr. Lythgoe: And Westlife, what Simon does on the Teletubbies…
TVWeek: Right.
Mr. Lythgoe: It was totally unfair on Simon. Simon was actually trying to make a decent living. And it was quite interesting that Chris obviously realized later the foolish move that he’d made and was fully apologetic on last night’s show.
TVWeek: He was indeed, and he should have been. We’ll see how far he gets as well. Next we have Jared [Cotter], again, you know, our former New York waiter, and he did “Back at One” the Brian McKnight song, which is not the easiest song. We’ll see what happens. He’s gotta take some more risks, Simon said, and I think he’s right.
Mr. Lythgoe: Yep, I think he’s right, too.
TVWeek: So we’ll see. Next we have AJ [Tabaldo], who, boy, you know tried out for “Idol” five times and has finally got on there, and again part of that whole zeitgeist that was going on with the guys, just didn’t push it. He did the Luther Vandross song.
Mr. Lythgoe: Yeah, he was terrific in rehearsals with that, actually nailed it every time. Come the night, I felt he sang the tune underneath the key for the entire song.
TVWeek: Right, right.
Mr. Lythgoe: So that’s nerves, you know. Nothing but nerves.
TVWeek: Right. And then last we have Phil Stacey and again, I thought his singing, I could not ask for more and I think we could have. I think Simon again nailed it with his comment, which is Chris Daughtry nailed songs like that, and that’s absolutely right.
Mr. Lythgoe: Yeah, to be fair, I don’t know if Chris did write from the beginning, and I think Phil was the only one who really brought it for me on the night, and he’s still gotta step it up. It’s so obvious from the following evening, you know?
TVWeek: Exactly. Then we’ll rush right through the girls here, we gotta run right over to the girls. We had Stephanie [Edwards] coming up with the Alicia Keys song right away, and as all the judges noted, I mean just right out of the box, that was so much better than what was going on the night before.
Mr. Lythgoe: Well, that was the same position in the show as Rudy was the night before. Boy, she brought it, dropped to her knees, sold the whole thing. She was tremendous.
TVWeek: Right. And then Amy [Krebs] came on board. Of course Amy is gone singing the Bonnie Raitt song, “I Can’t Make You Love Me.” I think that was a tough number for her. I thought Simon was actually mean to her and I was disappointed in him when he said, “When you sing you have the personality of a candle” to her. He had some very.
Mr. Lythgoe: I don’t understand “the personality of the candle.” As far as I’m concerned a candle lights up in the dark, and Amy didn’t for me, quite frankly.
TVWeek: Exactly, exactly.
Mr. Lythgoe: I think it’s a great Bonnie Raitt song. But unfortunately it didn’t allow Amy to show any of her personality, and we hadn’t really caught it in Hollywood Week or before. And you know, she’s got to have that personality throughout the entire competition. That’s what makes producers put you on television, because you’ve got something happening, and it didn’t happen in the Hollywood Week and it didn’t happen the other night.
TVWeek: I’ve got to tell you this, the next person I have a tough time with is, we’ll see what America feels, it was Leslie Hunt. Again, I thought a very unfair comment by Simon, though Ryan uncharacteristically-in a puzzling a little bit to me way-defended Simon, but saying, “You look ungainly as a dogwalker when you perform.” I mean, I’m not a fan of hers, but I thought that was awfully mean.
Mr. Lythgoe: “You look ungainly without your dogs,” I think you were saying. Well, you’ve got to have something to try and show people to explain what you mean, and he was using that to try and explain that he felt she looked uncomfortable.
TVWeek: Which I, by the way, do think she looked uncomfortable. She’s going to be a tough one for me, and hopefully she’ll win me over. We’ll see. It was interesting, we saw two Aretha Franklin songs in a row, the second one by Sabrina [Sloan] singing “I Never Loved a Man.” I thought, as all the judges said, I thought she did a really nice job.
Mr. Lythgoe: Yeah, it’s quite funny, though, that “Natural Woman,” the one that Leslie sang, is classed as Aretha Franklin when in truth it’s a Carole King song.
TVWeek: That’s absolutely right.
Mr. Lythgoe: I thought Leslie was singing the Carole King version of it, but she still attributed it to Aretha Franklin.
TVWeek: Right, exactly.
Mr. Lythgoe: The next song, yeah, very interesting, I thought.
TVWeek: Am I sensing a little bit you weren’t so crazy about it?
Mr. Lythgoe: No, yes, I was.
TVWeek: OK, very very good. What’s interesting about it is, she’s from Studio City, which is right next door to where Katharine McPhee’s from, right next to Sherman Oaks here in town.
Mr. Lythgoe: Yeah, I think it’s rather special. You know, it was almost classed as the song of the evening at one point.
TVWeek: No, I thought she was terrific. Now we had Ms. [Antonella] Barba sing. I think the choice was very strange, I think her singing that Aerosmith song was a strange song for her, which all the judges noted as well. But I think she’s going to last a while. As all the judges noted, she’s got to sing some songs that are more suited for her.
Mr. Lythgoe: I think she’s a very hot-looking young lady. She is not a rock chick. Why she would take on Steve Tyler and Aerosmith, I don’t know. Again, it’s down to choice of songs, what is my voice capable of and then how can I sell it to you. Well, she’s got a great sales pitch just in the way she looks. But the song did not help in any way, shape or form.
TVWeek: I’m very curious what you thought about Jordin. She’s only 17 years old.
Mr. Lythgoe: Jordin Sparks. I think Jordin is one of the biggest talents we’ve ever had on the series at 17. She’s got a long way to go. I think she’s still very raw at the moment, but I think like Paris [Bennett] last year, tremendous talent.
TVWeek: What did you think about that song choice, of a Tracy Chapman song. I think that’s a tough song for a 17-year old to get around. I don’t know, what do you think?
Mr. Lythgoe: I just thought that she was tremendous. I really did. I held my hand up. I think she was one of my top five or six.
TVWeek: Were you surprised that Nicole [Tranquillo] was next, that she was voted off?
Mr. Lythgoe: I think that Chaka Khan song was one of the toughest songs that anyone has ever had to sing. I think Nicole was trying to reach notes that even tomcats can’t screech out and didn’t quite succeed. When she did succeed, it was slightly off-putting to the audience.
TVWeek: Next Haley [Scarnato] singing “It’s All Coming Back to Me Now,” which is a Celine Dion song. Again, I think those are hard choices, but I think she carried that off pretty well.
Mr. Lythgoe: I thought she did. I mean, it’s a little passé, that song now, and people sort of turn their noses up at it a little bit, but I think she did a really good job, you know.
TVWeek: Right. Next we have another Aretha Franklin song, which leads me to a question that actually a couple of people ask me. Is there a reason we had, for example, a number of Aretha Franklin songs? Was that coincidental, do you think?
Mr. Lythgoe: It is, and as I say, I don’t class “Natural Woman” as an Aretha Franklin song. But no, at this moment in time, the kids can choose any song they want from any period in time. Even their own songs if they want to sing them.
TVWeek: OK. So, that was Melinda Doolittle. What did you think of her performance?
Mr. Lythgoe: I think she’s a star, I really do. I think we talk about her beautiful sort of naiveté, with stepping in front of the camera, she’s so sort of insecure and slightly shy about it. But when you get her there and you turn that light on her, aww, she’s marvelous.
TVWeek: You know, what I really like about watching her is, every week she seems to bloom a little more. It’s like just a little bit of the flower opening up a little bit.
Mr. Lythgoe: I think that’s going to happen this season, Chuck. I think we’re going to be talking like this in five or six weeks’ time and say, boy haven’t they come out of themselves and isn’t she great?
TVWeek: Right. Well, I sure hope so and I think you’re right. Next was a Pretenders song, “Brass in Pocket.” It’s hard to do, when you have a woman who’s the lead singer of a band.
Mr. Lythgoe: Chrissie Hynde from the Pretenders. Yeah, Alaina [Alexander] is no Chrissie Hynde, but what a beautiful girl again. First verse, I though this was sounding great, second verse it was just going off a little bit and then toward the end I think she lost the key altogether. She’s been given a second chance, like for her looks if anything, and she deserves it. I mean, a really great little pop star-looking girl. Needs to be very, very careful and focus a little more, I think.
TVWeek: Next we had Gina [Glocksen] singing again another Celine Dion song. That one didn’t quite make it for me. The judges, I think, were more generous then I would have been about it. What did you think?
Mr. Lythgoe: Yeah, no, I thought she was very good in it. Again I would call this an Eric Carmen song. So, you know, I don’t think Celine Dion would wanna hear this song. That last note, I think she went for it and I think got it. But there was some discussion whether she reached it or not. I thought she did a good job and I think on “American Idol” you have to do things like that and you have to get a last note that makes everybody shudder, not because you missed it but because you’ve hit it. It’s a bit like watching Fantasia; you know, you just go, wow look at that performance, wow listen to that note. And that’s what makes people pick up a telephone. So I think she went in the right direction. Out of songs, I would do that song every time over something like “Brass in Pocket,” which I think is a good riff and a good guitar sound and a fun number.
TVWeek: Excellent analysis of that. I think you’re absolutely right, Nigel. Finally, didn’t you save Lakisha [Jones] for last because I had mentioned last week that she was my favorite?
Mr. Lythgoe: Well, I’m not sure on last week’s showing that anybody could have followed Lakisha after she sung that song. It was a bit tough on her because, like Simon said, after that performance, unless people now step up to the plate and hit the ball out of the park, then they’re going home.
TVWeek: Boy, I am such a fan of hers. I gotta tell you, it’s just like wow. I mean that woman is incredible. So. Well lookit, thank you for taking the time to do this. I just want to tell the fans out there that I think next week we’ll be doing it after we hear the boys and the girls, with Nigel’s kind permission, like we did for last season, where the voting is revealed and we’re cool about that. I never ask who’s going to get voted off and Nigel’s.
Mr. Lythgoe: I’m just fine about what I say, Chuck, since I sit here knowing everything. You’re saying, what do you think of this person or that person, and I know they’ve been voted off. It’s very difficult for me to say, “Oh, they were fantastic” and think, “Oh God, they’re going tonight.”
TVWeek: Well, you did such a great job. I’ve got confidence in you this season. You did a great job last season. I just wanted to ask you about two more things. Last week, you teased us by saying there was a huge announcement. Was that the Emmy announcement or is there still something big to come?
Mr. Lythgoe: No, there’s still something really good to come.
TVWeek: OK, and last thing, and I don’t mean to embarrass you, and please if you don’t want to answer this, feel free, but we’ve gotten a lot of emails and a lot of folks said ask him this, so I’m going to go ahead and ask you, that maybe the big news is that Paul McCartney is coming on the show, so I’ll throw it out there.
Mr. Lythgoe: No, the big news is not about an individual. I’ve been asked about that, if Paul McCartney’s coming on the show-no. Does that mean Michael Jackson’s coming on the show? No. We gave out last night all the stars that are coming on the show.
TVWeek: Right, I heard all that, yes.
Mr. Lythgoe: But no, I’m so sorry that I can’t talk about it. It’s so annoying and I know I started the tease of it so I’m silly to myself. But it is something very special, and I did say it does involve “American Idol” and it also involves America. It involves the viewers, it involves a whole big issue here. It’s something that I know we’re all very proud of. We’re going to be the first program that will talk about this sort of thing and.well, it will have to wait until next time. But I can’t wait to tell you.
TVWeek: My guess.
Mr. Lythgoe: Because I’m going to need your help and everybody else’s help.
TVWeek: My guess is that it may have something to do with the Internet. You don’t have to answer that yes or no. The other thing that I was asked to ask you about is any more news we can get about the songwriting contest.
Mr. Lythgoe: No. Let me find out for you, though. Because I’m not involved in it, the actual songwriting contest, I don’t really know too much about it. As far as I’m aware, the “American Idol” Web site has got on it about the songwriting competition.
TVWeek: Great, OK. Now everybody has heard that now.
Mr. Lythgoe: Did you do the “American Idol” challenge, Chuck? Did you know the answer?
TVWeek: [laughs] I don’t embarrass myself.
Mr. Lythgoe: Have I caught you out there? Did you see the “American Idol” challenge?
TVWeek: I sure did. I did indeed. But I don’t usually participate in too much of it because I do this. So I just, you know, try and stay away. So, but anyway, the show is absolutely fantastic this week, thank you so much and thank you so much for doing this and we appreciate it.
Mr. Lythgoe: OK, I’m delighted to. Thank you very much, Chuck.
TVWeek: Thank you.


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