Syndicators Prepare Verdict on Judge Seidlin

Feb 26, 2007  •  Post A Comment

Reports last week that the newly famed Florida judge Larry Seidlin, who handled the Anna Nicole Smith case, has his eye on the court show world a la “Judge Judy” got Blink wondering what exactly his chances in the dog-eat-dog world of syndication would be.

TMZ.com last week reported that Judge Seidlin had been trying to get a show on the air with himself in the starring role. According to the report, he even made a demo tape of cases, recorded in his courtroom.

The judge last week showed his dynamic range, weeping as he handed down his decision on where former model and actress Ms. Smith would be buried. Clearly, the judge has received worldwide exposure.

But is all publicity good publicity? Judge Seidlin has been criticized around the country for the crazed atmosphere in his courtroom as well as his joking style in the rather serious matter of how to dispose of Ms. Smith’s body.

In a quest for answers, Blink contacted a variety of producers, agents and studio executives who have worked with syndie court shows. The response? A resounding “Ick! But crazier things have happened.”

But opinions among syndicators are running strong. One of Blink’s respondents volunteered that if Judge Seidlin gets a gig, he’d take it as a sign that it was time for him to leave the business.

However, other voices said at least two syndicators have briefly toyed with the idea of giving Judge Seidlin a show. “Anybody can get a show if there will be people who might watch it and we can make money,” said one executive.