Good Hair for a Song

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Garnier, which is interested in good-looking hair, has launched an integrated promotion that should be easy on the ears as well-especially if you like country music.
The “Rising Stars of Country Music” campaign builds on Garnier’s sponsorship of the annual “CMT Music Awards” and is highlighted by a special mini-CD featuring up-and-coming talent from Sony BMG that will be included in specially marked packages of Garnier Nutrisse hair color.
Garnier, which has sponsored the CMT Music Awards for the past four years, this time around wanted something bigger that included a retail element.
“An integrated approach is always more effective than just buying advertising or doing a sponsorship,” said Barbara Kittridge, VP of integrated marketing communication for Maybelline New York-Garnier. “Not only does it allow us to have a deeper connection with our consumers, but it recognizes the multiple contact points we can leverage to more effectively engage our Garnier Nutrisse target.”
Ms. Kittridge said media agency ZenithOptimedia “was instrumental in bringing all the partners together and helping drive this fully integrated program to tremendous success.”
It’s a big deal as well for CMT, which wanted to take its relationship with Garnier to a new level.
“It’s one of the first retail promotions we’ve done with a partner,” said Anthony Barton, VP of integrated marketing at CMT.
The promotion begins with a sweepstakes. Garnier likes sweepstakes because it gleans consumer information about the people who enter them.
“The previous year’s sweepstakes program [with CMT] gave us the highest percentage of opt-ins to our database than any other program we’ve done,” Ms. Kittridge said.
This year’s sweepstakes takes the Rising Stars theme and is promoted on-air, not only with 30-second spots but during some CMT programs, such as “CMT Top 20 Countdown” and “CMT Insider,” Mr. Barton said.
The big winner of the sweepstakes gets to go to the April 17 award ceremony, walk the red carpet and appear on the live telecast. Other prizes include free hair color and custom Epiphone guitars.
In past promotions, the Internet has mostly been a means for consumers to enter the sweepstakes, Mr. Barton said. This year, “We’ve built that out much more fully than we have in the past,” with bios of the artists included on the CD and other features, giving the audience more of a reason to interact with Garnier and the network online.
But the biggest new element is the 400,000 copies of the mini-CD featuring country newcomers Sarah Jones, Ashley Monroe, Catherine Britt and Crystal Shawanda that will be attached to Garnier product packages. The packages also will promote the CMT Music Awards and Garnier’s sweepstakes.
Mr. Barton said the idea of new music seemed to be most relevant for this promotion. “We needed to find someone with music,” he said. Several labels were approached, and Sony bit.
It also had a stable of young female artists with great-looking hair, although, Mr. Barton notes, “If you don’t have great-looking hair before you partner with Garnier, you do after.”
CMT wanted artists who were up-and-coming, but not too far from the top. Ms. Monroe has already had videos featured on CMT, and one of those recently made it to No. 1 on the network’s countdown.
The promotion also should be good for the artists. “When this promotion goes on our air, these artists go on our air,” he said.
Garnier is running a print schedule of ads in Us, People and In Touch magazines to push the promotion and round out the media mix.
While the CMT promotion was being developed, Garnier was running a somewhat similar promotion with TBS that featured a mini-DVD of scenes from “Sex and the City” on hair color packages.
“They were just rolling out the ‘Sex and the City’ promotion, but they didn’t have results yet,” Mr. Barton said. While “Sex” had a built-in following, “This is more of an unknown quantity, but with a brand you can trust in CMT.”
Ms. Kittridge said Garnier learned a lot from the “Sex and the City” promotion, and expects “Rising Stars” to be “another big win for us.”


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