MTV, MTVTr3s to Revive Boy Band Menudo

Mar 6, 2007  •  Post A Comment

MTV and sister channel MTV Tr3s are out to create a new version of the Latin boy band Menudo.

MTV Tr3s’ series “Road to Menudo” will trace auditions for the group and the selection of seven finalists. Auditions will begin March 31 in Los Angeles. “Road to Menudo” will debut May 12.

In the fall, MTV will air a 10-episode series that will whittle the group down to five members.

The MTV series is being produced by Reveille in association with Road Games and Menudo Entertainment. The new Menudo’s first single is scheduled to be released in July by Epic Records.

“The Menudo series will introduce an entire new generation to a cross-cultural music phenomenon that once captured the hearts and minds of music fans all over the world,” Lois Curren, president, entertainment and programming, MTV, said in a statement Tuesday.

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