3. Charles Gibson

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3. Charles Gibson
Anchor, ABC’s ‘World News’
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Why he was chosen: For the second time in a year, the anchor of a network’s flagship proved it’s not about getting older, but about getting better. First Bob Schieffer, as interim anchor of “The CBS Evening News,” and now Mr. Gibson, who took over “World News” last summer, rejuvenated their shows with reassuring confidence and new viewers. “World News With Charles Gibson” has won six of the last nine weeks.

Mr. Gibson is, at 64, more than a decade older than his counterparts. ABC News had swung far in the other direction with the brief pairing of Bob Woodruff and Elizabeth Vargas. But in Mr. Gibson, who was not chosen until after sharp elbows were thrown inside ABC, the news operation seems to have found its next generation.

He’s even pushing whippersnapper Brian Williams and “NBC Nightly News” around the Nielsen playground, showing just how vulnerable “Nightly” is to being knocked off its No. 1 perch. “World News” beat “Nightly News” in total viewers and demographics for the February sweeps ratings period, and he’s got younger demographics than history-making Katie Couric at “CBS Evening News” — but then so did Mr. Schieffer.

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3. Charles Gibson, Anchor, ABC’s ‘World News’

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6. Keith Olbermann, Host of MSNBC’s ‘Countdown With Keith Olbermann’

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9. N.S. Bienstock, Talent agency

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