HD DVD Fans Stage Buy-In

Apr 19, 2007  •  Post A Comment

Owners of Toshiba HD DVD players staged a group buy of popular home video titles this week in an effort to show support for the format.
A group of AVS Forum members banded together to purchase a large number of HD DVD titles from Amazon.com on April 15-the one-year anniversary of the release of the first Toshiba HD DVD player.
The group claims to have purchased nearly 1,000 HD DVD titles from Amazon.com and, temporarily at least, catapulted HD DVD sales past the rival Sony Blu-ray format. At least one title, the BBC version of “Planet Earth,” went into the Amazon.com Top 5, a first for any high-def title.
“The idea is to show support for HD DVD by buying movies on a specific day,” explained one AVS poster. “There is no better way to show support for HD DVD than by backing it financially. If there is a strong demand for HD DVD software, then hopefully Blu-ray-only studios will at least go neutral.”
In recent months, Blu-ray titles have been outselling HD DVDs by a significant margin, partly thanks to having a few exclusive titles including “Casino Royale.” Although Toshiba has sold more stand-alone players, Sony gave its players a marketplace boost by bundling them with the PlayStation 3 game system.
The rising tide of Blu-ray sales has caused Toshiba owners to worry that their recently purchased players may become obsolete. Toshiba owners are hopeful that an upcoming wave of new releases, such as the “Matrix” trilogy, will help boost sales. Also, Toshiba continues to undercut Sony’s player prices.

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