Slingbox Staying at Home

Apr 16, 2007  •  Post A Comment

SlingMedia has discovered that, contrary to expectations, one of the primary uses of its Slingbox technology is within the consumer’s home, rather than on the road. Between 35 percent and 45 percent of Slingbox use is in the home, SlingMedia CEO Blake Krikorian said today during a panel session at the National Association of Broadcasters convention in Las Vegas.

Slingbox lets consumers watch TV programming-whether live, from their digital video recorder or from video-on-demand-on a laptop computer anywhere they are.

The original market expectations were that the service would largely attract global travelers who want to watch their TV programming while in another city or country, Mr. Krikorian said.

Instead, many consumers are using Slingbox to create a wireless TV system for their homes. “These laptops never leave the house,” Mr. Krikorian said. “[Consumers] could be watching in the bedroom, outside while barbecuing, in the kitchen. Laptops or desktops are now sitting in the kitchen, and people are using that to get TV into their home.”

(Editor: Horowitz)