Spinning Digital in its Own Sphere

Apr 9, 2007  •  Post A Comment

Sony Pictures Television is taking a different approach to digital.

“Our digital opportunities aren’t necessarily extensions of our syndicated shows. They are stand-alone digital opportunities in and of themselves,” said Amy Carney, executive VP, advertiser sales, who will be on a panel discussing issues in the digital sphere.

Sony is pushing the approach at a time when there’s definitely a desire for digital marketing opportunities.

“It’s easy to grasp following a concept across platforms,” she said, like buying “Heroes” on network, TV and online. But Ms. Carney contends that shows get different audiences from platform to platform.

“What we’re trying to do is capture the audience where the audience is,” she said. For example, a viewer might watch “Seinfeld” at 6:30 p.m., but he probably isn’t going online to get more “Seinfeld.” Instead, that viewer might be going online to find music or comedy. Ms. Carney also represents Sony BMG music online as well as Web sites including AXN, with action shows including “Charlie’s Angels” and “SWAT,” and Funny Bone, where viewers can see episodes of “NewsRadio” and “Who’s the Boss?”

“Right now the dialogue around that is really positive. Everybody’s interested and they want to find out more about it,” she said.

However, she notes that once the upfront starts, buyers will start searching for efficiencies, and the digital opportunity might get separated from Sony’s syndicated show. “Our challenge is to keep those together, because I think there’s an opportunity to link them all together.”