Torture Experts Advise ’24’ Writers

Apr 10, 2007  •  Post A Comment

In TVWeek.com’s exclusive Backlot Talk podcast, co-executive producer Manny Coto this week dishes on the writers of “24.”

Sitting in a smoke-filled room, the writers were face to face with the destiny of episode 17, and more specifically, the bombs. Where were they now? How would Jack find them? More torture?

Then an enlightened member of the creative team recalled a recent conversation with terrorism and torture experts who had stopped by the set to see if the show would consider broadening its interrogation tactics.

“In that meeting, one of us asked, ‘Do you guys ever do complete scenarios where you fake the individual out'” said Mr. Coto. “And they said, ‘Yes, that works very well.’ So we decided, ‘Let’s take that scenario. Instead of torturing Fayed once we get a hold of him, let’s do a whole fake out.'”

As one character met his demise, another was lifted from the grave when Jack gets a heart-stopping phone call from a familiar voice. Audrey is alive, but being held hostage by Cheng Zi.

“She’s Jack’s true love, so it’s hard not to go back to her,” Mr. Coto said. “We couldn’t rightly dismiss her this season.”

With just seven episodes left, Mr. Coto assured viewers that seeds for the finale have been planted; and when a new twist arrives, they’ll be able to backtrack on the breadcrumb trail before reaching what he says is a very exciting ending.

For the full interview with Mr. Coto, go to TVWeek.com’s Backlot Talk to listen to the full podcast.

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