Creating TV Shows From Web Content

May 7, 2007  •  Post A Comment

WNBC-TV in New York and Web site LX.com are working together to produce a hybrid show for WNBC on-air that draws heavily from existing Web content. We asked LX.com Executive Producer Morgan Hertzan to provide some tips on producing TV shows that start as Web sites.

  • Make something exclusive for each platform. Web users want details and extra information. TV viewers enjoy the “lean back” experience and are more interested in broad trends.
  • Make the video look good for the Web. Make sure the Web viewer can get a good sense of what they are watching on the smaller computer screen. Producers should pay attention to shot composition and “light bright/shoot tight” for Web content, which also translates well on TV.
  • Give context. When viewers watch something on the Web, usually there is added context from a blog or link. When migrating to TV, morph that information into a host intro and don’t be afraid to drive people back to the Web for more detail.
  • The Web and TV are different venues. Watch each video on TV and online to see how it works on both. Content that crosses over well has the most information and strongest storylines.

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