Exclusive Podcast: ’24’ Kills Off Another Character

May 8, 2007  •  Post A Comment

They say that what doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger, but what about who you kill?
In this week’s exclusive Backlot Talk, “24” co-executive producer Manny Coto jokes about the idea of a “haunted CTU” that brings back all the characters killed off on the show, including a new member of the ghost force.
Mr. Coto said the writers knew at the beginning of the season how it was all going to end, and that Milo was not going to survive the evening. Unfortunately actor Eric Balfour wasn’t blessed with so much foresight, Mr. Coto said that actors aren’t informed of such fates until the writers are content with how it plays out in the draft.
“If we’re going to have something this drastic happen at CTU, it’s hard to imagine that every one of our beloved characters would survive,” he said. “We felt it would be very impactful for Nadia to have Milo prove his love to her by volunteering himself in her place.”
Fans can look forward to even more heart-palpitating scenes with a climactic season finale that builds suspense, breaks family ties, and as Mr. Coto said, “was the most emotional and powerful way to end the season.”
To listen to the complete interview, go to TVWeek.com’s Backlot Talk for the full podcast.
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