Gospel Channel Expands Cable Reach

May 1, 2007  •  Post A Comment

The Gospel Music Channel has made a deal with Black Family Channel and several cable operators to fill Black Family Channel’s slot on 275 local systems. Black Family Channel stopped broadcasting last month.
Beginning today, Gospel Music Channel is available through additional systems owned by Bright House Networks, Charter Communications, Comcast, Cox and Time Warner Cable in markets including New York, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Miami, St. Louis, Tampa, Fla., Boston, Dallas, Denver, and Hampton Roads, Va.
The 2 1/2-year old channel expects to be in 20 million homes by year’s end.
“GMC presents the greatest opportunity for us to advance our goals of serving the family in the multicultural community,” said Willie Gary, founder and chairman of BFC. “We strongly endorse these launches of GMC and encourage our community of black leadership, colleges and churches to support Gospel Music Channel and the cable companies that carry it.”
“We are thrilled with the endorsement from BFC and the cable industry,” said Charles Humbard, GMC founder and president. “With Gospel Music Channel in so many new markets, millions of new subscribers can now enjoy our inspirational, family-friendly music entertainment.”
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