Lucasfilm Courts TV Fans With User-Gen Tools

May 24, 2007  •  Post A Comment

Lucasfilm Ltd., which is delving into TV with the “Clone Wars” animated cartoon series, plans to let fans create amalgams of copyright material and user-generated clips to stoke interest in the project.
Lucasfilm has partnered with Eyespot, a company providing online video tools that users can use to create the so-called mash-ups. The tools will be available Friday on the revamped Starwars.com Web site.
Eyespot has developed a Web browser-based, drag and drop editing application that allows fans to play with copyright media without having to download additional software to their computers.
On the first day of Lucasfilm’s “Star Wars” Celebration IV — its 30th anniversary conference being held Memorial Day weekend in Los Angeles — the new partnership was met with an enthusiastic response from fans.
“It’s a generous and imaginative thing to do,” said Dan Mason, attending the conference as one of the finalists in the “Star Wars” Fan Film Challenge. “It’s making creativity a more democratic process, rather than restricting it to those who have the resources to pay for the necessary equipment and personnel.”
The conference is expected to include the first public unveiling of Lucasfilm’s forthcoming “Clone Wars” series. Creator George Lucas has said he plans to produce 100 episodes of the series before shopping it to networks for distribution.
Lucasfilm follows Sci Fi in providing users with an online library of copyrighted video clips, sound and visual effects so they can create their own fan films.
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