ABC News Plans to Cut 35 Jobs Over 2 Years

Jun 22, 2007  •  Post A Comment

ABC News President David Westin, who for several years has been making aggressive cost-cutting moves such as renegotiating salaries downward, announced to his staff Friday that he and his management team have begun a two-year process that will result in the loss and/or reassignment of 35 positions across the division.
The ABC News president said no decisions have been made about “everything we’re considering, but to give you a sense of the ultimate outcome: After we’ve added positions in some areas and cut positions in others, we will trim about 35 jobs from ABC News staff worldwide. We will do all that we can to minimize the effects on those of you affected.”
Mr. Westin also said that people and resources will be added “in some places—particularly in our digital world. We will also be looking at smart ways to increase our newsgathering, particularly overseas. We’ve already posted new openings for India, Australia, Iran and Brazil and are in the process of interviewing candidates.
“It also means that we will be looking closely at areas where, because of technology or because of changes in our competitive environment, we can trim. We will be consolidating some operations, we will be asking some of you to take new assignments and, yes, some positions will be lost where that makes sense.”
Some of Mr. Westin’s words echoed the discussion that last year kicked off a two-year massive cost-cutting campaign at NBC Universal, hitting NBC News first and hardest.
“Some of you may wonder why we’re considering fundamental changes at a time when the news division is enjoying such hard-earned success,” Mr. Westin said. “That success results in part from the changes we’ve already made over the past few years. Now we’re dealing from strength, and that makes it all the more important to act now.”
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  1. I work there. Trust me nothing much will change. The upper executives are still overpaid and the folks who really put the shows on the air are underpaid and work very long hours.
    Tell me if Mr. Westin takes a pay cut!!

  2. Typical upper-management propaganda. What he’s really saying in Orwellian euphemistic doublespeak is: “The Company is already making an obscene amount of money – let’s see if we can make an outrageously obscene amount of money for the stockholders by squeezing the workers a little harder and putting some more people out on the street. Jeez, it’s almost noon…let’s go to lunch! Sheila, I’ll be back at 3:30. Morton’s Steak House? O.K. – after all, it’s on the expense account.”

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