‘Dance’ Leads Wednesday

Jun 28, 2007  •  Post A Comment

Wednesday night ratings slumped for the top summer reality shows, with Fox’s leader “So You Think You Can Dance” and NBC’s runner-up “Last Comic Standing” both down a smidgeon from last week.
Fox won the night with a 3.5 rating among adults 18 to 49 for “Dance” according to preliminary Nielsens. That’s down 8 percent from last week to its lowest-rated performance of the summer.
NBC was second with “Last Comic” earning a 2.5, its lowest rating since 2004, followed by “Dateline” (2.2).
ABC bucked the trend with “Next Best Thing,” up a notch from last week to a 2.2, followed by “American Inventor,” also up slightly to a 2.4. If it weren’t for “Traveler” at 10 p.m. pulling down ABC’s average with a 1.3, the network would have finished in second place for the night.
CBS was fourth with repeats. The CW burned off two episodes of “Hidden Palms,” which both pulled a 0.5.
(Editor: Horowitz)


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    I’d like to take issue with the coverage of the ratings in the overemphasis of the 18-49 demo group (not just done here).
    It might be called the Soylent Green Madison Avenue Trend. It seems to imply that anyone over 49 is a spending monk sequestered in a convent (those who are any longer alive, of course). And this trend is often narrowed down further to the 18-34 age group. (The merits of living one’s life after 34 are apparently in some doubt and up for debate on many street corners of the Avenue.)
    The point: In addition to any demo trends, let’s get back to the reporting of the estimates of how many viewers of all ages actually watch a program!
    There really is some disposable income outside of this limited range of homo sapiens. Even the tots, of which many an ad is specifically tailored to manipulate, have been known to be relentless in influencing the purchase those wonderful must-have items “As Seen on TV.”

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