Madden Renews With Fox Studios

Jun 28, 2007  •  Post A Comment

David Madden has renewed his contract as executive VP of scripted programming at Fox Television Studios.
Mr. Madden is responsible for helping Fox Studios land three series on major cable networks this year – “The Riches” on FX, “Burn Notice” on USA Network and “Saving Grace” on TNT.
“I’m extremely happy to be staying at FtvS,” Mr. Madden said. “I get to work with extraordinary executives and wonderful writers and producers who make us look good with every episode they deliver … our goal is to create shows that are thought-provoking and as brave as they can be.”
Mr. Madden’s renewal comes after an executive shakeup at the company following the April departure of president Angela Shapiro-Mathes to TLC. News Corp. appointed Fox International Channels Italy President Emiliano Calemzuk to run the studio. In May, Mr. Calemzuk fired three department heads, but elected to renew Mr. Madden’s contract as part of Mr. Calemzuk’s plan to focus the studio primarily on developing scripted programming.
“Almost immediately after arriving at the studio, I could see clearly that David Madden is someone with whom the people in this industry want to be in business,” Mr. Calemzuk said. “He gets behind smart and compelling projects that resonate with talent, programmers and audiences.”
Prior to joining Fox Studios, Mr. Madden was a producer on films such as “Something the Lord Made” and “Save the Last Dance.”
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