Nielsen Wireless Will Measure Mobile Use

Jun 6, 2007  •  Post A Comment

Use of mobile Internet and video content services will be measured by Nielsen Wireless, a new service to be launched by the Nielsen Co. in July.
Headed by Nielsen VP Jeff Herrmann, who also leads Nielsen Games, the service is designed to complement Nielsen’s Anytime Anywhere Media Measurement (A2/M2) initiative.
Nielsen Wireless will start with Mobile Vector, which uses information from Nielsen’s National People Meter TV sample to report on media behavior and audience demographics, segmented by wireless carrier.
The service is meant to help identify patterns of use and to ease branding efforts.
“The value of an entertainment medium is directly proportional to how well it is measured,” Mr. Herrmann said in the announcement Wednesday. “Reliable and accurate measurement of mobile consumers will enable advertisers to properly evaluate the mobile marketing opportunity.
“This new mobile measurement service demonstrates Nielsen’s continued commitment to follow content wherever consumers take it,” he continued. “Independent measurement of the cross-media behavior of the growing mobile audience will support and accelerate the evolution of mobile media business models.”
Nielsen already offers information on such wireless topics as cusstomer segmentation, ringtone sales tracking (via Nielsen RingScan), attitudinal and behavioral surveys and mobile polling. Nielsen Wireless will work in tandem with these existing Nielsen services.
Nielsen Wireless estimates that in the first quarter of 2007, more than 33 million persons 12 and older used mobile Web, and more than 8 million persons 12 and older viewed video on their mobile phone (videos created with a phone’s camcorder function excluded).
Nielsen Wireless also estimates at least 7 percent of 18- to 34-year-olds viewed mobile video programming in the first quarter of 2007 while at least 25 percent used their mobile phone to connect to the Internet.
As of May 31, 55 percent of primary users of video-enabled mobile phones lived in households with total income of $75,000 or above, according to Nielsen, which also said the mobile video audience skews somewhat older and male: 46 percent of the mobile video audience is 35 years or older and 54 percent is male.
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