Sí TV Says Yes to High-Def

Jun 7, 2007  •  Post A Comment

Sí TV, which targets bilingual and English-dominant Latinos, will be launching a 24/7 channel in high definition some time in 2008.
Verizon FiOS TV, Verizon’s new fiber optic television service that operates in 10 states, likely will carry Sí TV HD when it launches next year. Verizon’s FiOS already carries Sí TV on its most widely distributed tier of service.
Since its creation in 2004 , Sí TV has been producing more than 200 hours of original programming in HD to prepare for the high-def transition.
“Young Latinos are a huge economic and political force in America today and they deserve—like every consumer—the ability to enjoy the benefits of high-definition television made by and for them,” said Michael Schwimmer, CEO of Sí TV. “Sí TV’s audience is a vibrant influence in our country, and it shouldn’t have to wait any longer for HDTV now that it’s become mainstream fare.”
The networks say it is currently producing two new high-def series for 2008 that will highlight the benefits of HD.
“Past Port,” about young American Latinos returning to their family’s countries of origin, will have scenic footage from various Latin American locations. “Total Combat,” a reality series about a Latino couple who run a mixed martial arts league, will offer a gritty, in-your-face look at the sport.
Sí TV’s other HD series include “Flow & Tell” and “Home Page.”
Sí TV is available nationwide on EchoStar’s Dish satellite TV network and via cable in more than 200 cities.

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