CBS Fields Golf Quiz Special

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CBS will follow its live coverage of the PGA Championship on Aug. 18 with “The Rules of the Game,” a quiz show from Juma Entertainment that tests golf fans’ knowledge of the sport.
The special will examine the 34 rules of golf, posing questions such as whether you can look inside a competitor’s bag to see what club selection they have, or whether a putter must be used on the putting green.
Juma, which also produces NBC’s “Singing Bee,” may lay the groundwork for a series of similar “Rules” specials.
The golf special will invite viewers to play along during the hourlong program by taking a test at Golfdigest.com.
Juma declined to comment on financial details surrounding the special.
“The rules are such an instrumental part of the gentleman’s game of golf, but the fact is that there are so many rules we know, so many we think we know and a whole bunch that we didn’t even know existed,” said Robert Horowitz, president of Juma Entertainment. “CBS was instrumental in picking the right time slot for us with the show coming out of live golf.”
The show will feature CBS Sports talent, potentially broadcaster Bill Macatee, on the course and will focus on 10 to 15 lesser-known rules of the sport.
The special will be taped later this month at the Ginn Reunion Resort golf course in Florida.
The U.S. Golf Association will provide footage of past matches where the rules in question came into play. “Rules” also will feature re-enactments to illustrate what is and isn’t allowed.
The deal marks the third association between Juma and publisher Conde Nast, which publishes Golf Digest. The duo teamed on Juma specials “Fashion Rocks” and “Movies Rock.”
Juma worked with CBS on golf special “Shoot Your Age,” in which players competed to score their age on the greens.
Mr. Horowitz noted the “Rules” format could be extended to other specials down the road, touching on sports such as football or baseball.


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