Critics Poll Summer 2007: Series

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Votes were tabulated using a weighted scale. Critics submitted 10 shows in the best series category, with the top choice receiving 10 points, the second choice 9 points and so on down to the 10th choice, which received 1 point. Critics submitted five shows in the worst series category, with weighting descending from 5 points for the No. 1 choice to 1 point for No. 5. Shows were televised between Jan. 8 and June 18, 2007.

The Best

Rank   Show Network

Poll Ranking

1. The Sopranos                 HBO  N/R   HBO, Brad Grey TV, Chase Films
2. Lost ABC 6 Touchstone TV
3. Friday Night Lights NBC 7 Imagine Entertainment, NBC Universal TV, Film 44
4. The Office NBC 3 Reveille, NBC Universal TV
5. Ugly Betty ABC 4 Touchstone TV
6. Heroes NBC 2 NBC Universal TV
7. 30 Rock NBC 13 NBC Universal TV, Broadway Video TV
8. The Shield FX N/R Sony Pictures TV
9. Grey’s Anatomy ABC 4 Touchstone TV
10. The Tudors Showtime New Showtime, Reveille, Working Title, Peace Arch Entertainment
11. The Riches FX New Maverick, Fox TV Studios
12. Entourage HBO N/R HBO, Leverage
(t) Battlestar Galactica Sci Fi  9 NBC Universal TV, Sky One
14. American Idol Fox N/R Fremantle Media, 19 TV, Fox TV
15. House Fox 11

Heel & Toe Films, Shore Z Productions, Bad Hat Harry Productions, NBC Universal TV

16. Boston Legal ABC N/R 20th Century Fox, David E. Kelley Productions
17. The Daily Show With Jon Stewart Comedy Central  14 Comedy Central, Mad Cow Productions
18. Rescue Me FX  12 Apostle, DreamWorks TV, Cloudland Co., Sony Pictures TV
19. Desperate Housewives ABC N/R Touchstone TV, Cherry Productions
(t) Rome HBO N/R HBO, BBC
21. Everybody Hates Chris The CW N/R 3 Arts Entertainment, Paramount Network TV
(t) CSI: Crime Scene Investigation CBS N/R CBS Prods., Alliance Atlantis, Bruckheimer TV
23. Brothers and Sisters ABC  24 Touchstone TV
24. Veronica Mars The CW 21 Silver Pictures, Warner Bros., Stu Segall Productions
25. The New Adventures of Old Christine CBS New Warner Bros. TV

The Worst

Rank Show Network Poll Ranking Studio
1. October Road ABC New Group M, Touchstone TV
2. 24 Fox 22* Real Time Productions, Imagine TV, 20th Century Fox TV
3. The Real Wedding Crashers NBC N/R Katalyst Films, New Line TV
4. The Black Donnellys NBC New Blackfriars Bridge Films, NBC Universal
5. Pussycat Dolls Present: TheSearch for the Next Doll The CW New Warner Horizon, 10×10 Entertainment
6. Tyler Perry’s House of Payne TBS New Tyler Perry, Debmar-Mercury
7. Nancy Grace Headline  News 6 Cable News Network
8. Sons of Hollywood A&E New iCandy TV
(t) On the Lot Fox New Mark Burnett Productions, DreamWorks, Amblin TV
(t) The Wedding Belles Fox New David E. Kelley Productions, 20th Century Fox TV

*in Best Shows category Winter ’07

N/R: Not ranked in the Winter 2007 poll
New: Series premiered after the eligibility period for the Winter 2007 poll. 


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  1. Not a bad list… top ten is excellent.. I still don’t understand the continuing love for the live-action cartoon that is “Boston Legal”…
    And putting “American Idol” ahead of “House”… ugh.
    My biggest problem with all of it is “24” as the “2nd worst show of the half year”… Even when “24” is not hitting on all cylinders (admittedly most of the year) it’s still far better than most programs… you need a much bigger asterisk by that entry to explain how it ends up on the “Worst” list…

  2. I’m a 24 fan, and I thought it was one of the worst shows on TV this year, perhaps not objectively but in relation to what it has been and what it should be. Come on–a nuclear bomb goes off in LA, and there’s no panic in the streets and the hotel front desks are still staffed?!?
    I hope the writers of 24 challenge themselves to craft their next season without any of the now-trite “twists” that seem to pop up virtually every season–an attack on CTU, a mole inside CTU, a traiter in the office of the president, a constitutional showdown between president and VP, and missles being intercepted at the last possible moment.
    Also about the best shows list: no love for the better-than-it-was-given-credit-for Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip?

  3. What? No “My Name Is Earl?” in the Top 25 — one of the best written comedy series? And although I’m not a fan of The Office whatsoever, I can appreciate its craftmanship…but I can’t say the same for The New Adventures Of Old Christine, which is so over-rated and over-riddled with cliche and laugh tracks that I think the reason it’s popular in the first place is because Julia Louis-Dreyfus was in Seinfeld…And American Idol? Puh-leese, will someone put this show out of its…sorry, our…misery?

  4. Its a shame The Wire wasnt on in ’07 because it would no doubt be at the top of that list. Yes, over The Sopranos.

  5. Stargate Atlantis should be on this list! – glad Lost is way up there, and agree with most positions apart from thinking house should be maybe 1 or 2 higher.
    Nice list! Keep up the good work 😉

  6. I’ve always look forward to the semiannual TV critics poll since ’89, back in the ol’ Electronic Media days. It always has been a good read.
    This is a good list, with the exception of #9 and #14 on the best show list. The critic who said that “the three-part arc after the ferry boat accident [on Grey’s]was the best thing on TV this season” needs to find a new profession….
    I’m surprised that “24” was voted second worst show. C’mon, was it really worst than “The Game”, “According to Jim”, or even that stupid Vince McMahon death angle on “WWE Raw”? Those three inane programs didn’t even make the survey (they should have.)
    The only show I can think of that had a reversal of fortune among critics was the last season of “Roseanne”.
    Chicago, IL

  7. It’s a complete farce that The Wire was not included in the Top 25 shows. It is, without question, the finest example currently on what I would consider a Golden Age of intelligent, well-written TV, BAR NONE.

  8. Good list…although I’m still shedding tears over VM, the only top 25 show to be canceled.

  9. No Dexter? No Weeds? No Wire? No Its Always Sunny?
    How did all those shows get the shaft and The New Adventures of Old Christine even made it to 25? Even though The riches was OK it didn’t deserve to be ahead of any of the shows named above.
    Also in my opinion The Tudors was the worst show on Showtimes and Hbos line up combined this season. It wasn’t Bad but like the Riches it was just OK.

  10. @MST3K and a TACO: The poll is semiannual: “Shows were televised between Jan. 8 and June 18, 2007”
    This means season two of ‘Weeds’ was ineligible, and I think ‘Dexter’ had finished its run by Jan 9. I suspect the same was true of ‘The Wire’ and ‘It’s Always Sunny’.

  11. House in the 15? The third season is better than the others, with more information about the character of House, the development of the personal relationships, and a great soundtrack. Maybe the medical cases are something stupids, but its difficult find the equilibrium.

  12. Boston Legal is the best show on television. The actors are great and at the end of the show, whether I agree with the court decision or not, it always gives me food for thought.


  14. Supernatural & Prison Break should have been on the top show!! Are u guys crazy? The Black Donnelly’s was awesome! I’m a fan of October Road as well.

  15. Good for Boston Legal and House!

  16. Boston Legal is by far #1 for me. If only we could count on the show not being pre-empted all of the time! Otherwise a good list

  17. y was oth not on the best list?
    i believe grey’s would have been the no. 1 if shnda didnt remove burke (isaiah) from the show….
    burktina RULES!!!

  18. stargate atlantis? only that, in Brazil bueno show

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