‘Entourage’ Boys Keep Clothes On

Jul 9, 2007  •  Post A Comment

Last night’s episode featured the show’s first and only male full frontal shot, as “Entourage” executive producer Doug Ellin says he has no intention of showing Vince or any of the leads in a full-frontal nude scene.
“I don’t have any interest in seeing that,” Mr. Ellin said in our exclusive weekly Backlot Talk podcast.
“Adrian has tried to do that a couple of times,” Mr. Ellin said. “I’ve told him no. Sundance specifically. One scene in the hot tub he just decided to go without his pants on, but we didn’t use that take.”
Sorry, Adrian Grenier fans.
To find out what drug we’ll never see the boys do, and to find out what Ari won’t actually do to his wife, go to TVWeek.com’s Backlot Talk to listen to the full podcast.


  1. Nice interview James.
    I look forward to hearing Doug talk about each weeks episodes. I am sorry to hear that he doesn’t take us posters too seriously, but heck, why should he?
    I always knew that Ari is all lip and wouldn’t cheat on Mrs. Ari. Underneath all the talk he really loves her and is a little scared of her I imagine.
    The Pivster was great as usual, especially the “Indians and improv, no greater match” line.
    Anyway, where’s Melissa? Hope all is well with her.
    Thanks again!

  2. Oh come on, show some willy if they wanna. Doug Ellin, stop being so lame. just showing willy doesn’t mean YOU are gay Doug. and you can’t catch it, not even if you stare directly at his knob. its ok, take a quick peek. Is this more mark wahlberg homophobia coming out?
    i personally would love to see all of the entourage commando, except for turtle, cause i’m sure he’s tiny.
    actually, i’m sure e’s tiny too but bring on drama, ari and vince.. Yowsa!

  3. Again with the puritanical American b.s.. It amazes me that we are constantly bombarded with female nudity, (mainly because of str8 directors, producers & such) when we know in the real world actors, party boys/girls all shed their clothes in these situations.
    I don’t really care as the show bores me and I can’t imagine anyone wanting to watch a show about supposedly up and coming movie stars and their handlers. It would not be enough for me to watch even if their was weekly nudity. I can also assure you, no one on that show is hung. Average maybe, so who cares?

  4. It is enough for me to watch when you look at the beaver shot that just aired on Sunday July 22nd (Episode 48: THE WEHO HO).
    I must have rewinded it 15 times. Thank god for HD DVR.
    If you missed the scene it is right after Vince and E leave Dana Gordon’s parking lot. The next scene is a girl trying on shoes at a shoe store right before Arie finds Tom. Enjoy!

  5. The show has “jumped the Shark” anyway, junk or no junk dangling. I watched every episode until a few weeks ago when I realized how ridiculous it is that no one has contracted a serious STD, that “E” seems to think he can kick anyone’s ass and that Turtle actually gets laid. The other aspect of this vapid presentation is that there is virtually no real conflict that can’t be rectified by a piece of ass or Vegas trip. Now, I’m a guy’s guy but shouldn’t someone find a mushroom growing on his nad sack and shouldn’t Vince eventually have to grab his ankles? This is supposed to be today’s Hollywood right? Maybe he gets a role in another all-gay Bryan Singer “super hero” film and he starts mincing suspiciously after a long weekend with Singer!? Make it real man!

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