QuickTakes: What Was the Worst Show of the Season?

Jul 2, 2007  •  Post A Comment

On Monday, July 9, TelevisionWeek will publish the results of its semiannual Critics Poll. The votes are in and there are a number of surprises.
What do you think the was the worst show of this TV season?
Leave your opinions in the comments below.


  1. The worst show of the season was the Fox sitcom Happy Hour. Really, it’s an achievement to have to false things in a two-word title.
    But what’s really more important about the downside of this season was not its “worsts”, it was its disappointments. A new show from the creator of Sport Night and the West Wing, set backstage at a faux SNL… sounds like a recipe for greatness. A new crime show from the guy who brought us Due South and EZ Streets, as well as some fine film stuff? Sounds like something we’d be crying about the cancellation of. And so on.

  2. Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. I didn’t like this show when it was called “SportsNight.” It was overrated and boring. And the whole passive-aggressive “bash Harriet because she’s a Southern Baptist evangelical Christian” plot line wore thin very quickly.

  3. Everybody Loves Raymond. Still.

  4. On the Lot followed by the TV Guide look alike.

  5. Whoopi… I know it was a couple seasons back… but it stunk something terrible.

  6. Almost too many to name, but the latest crop of semi-reality shows (Age of Love in particular) really stand out.

  7. Almost all of them, but any of the Reality shows make my skin crawl. Oh yeah, how about Deadliest Catch for the most successful horrible show.

  8. Armed & Famous was a pretty bad idea all around. LaToya Jackson with a gun chasing bad guys?
    National Bingo Night – oh please. The median age of TV viewers may be going up but I think our hearts can still handle something a tad more exciting than this.

  9. TV Movie: ABC’s based on … something or another “The Path to 9/11”
    TV Series: FOX’s muddled, messy, confusing and worst of all DULL “Vanished”
    Gleefully bad, yet for its trivia questions alarmingly intelligent: ABC’s “Show Me the Money”
    Unwatchably unfunny event: Comedy Central’s “Roast of William Shatner” which seemed more of a chance for the comics to mock the sexuality of George Takai.

  10. Notes from the Underbelly (ABC, what else?)

  11. Hands down every year,, {American Idol}! ! Yuk! !

  12. The worst TV show of this season? Let’s put it this way…the BEST TV show of this season is the program viewed when the television machine is turned in the OFF position!
    ‘Nuff said!!

  13. The MyNetworkTV serials were god awful. They could have done so much more rather than making them so-called “guilty pleasures.” Too much SEX and bad acting I say. They could have been respectable family soaps.

  14. American Idol

  15. Worst show…So many to choose from…I would choose Pirate Master….its just unwatchable….how bout another round of SURVIVOR

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