In-Flight Chat Shows Merv Griffin’s Positive Side

Aug 19, 2007  •  Post A Comment

I had one of the most memorable experiences of my life a few years ago, when I had the pleasure to work with Merv Griffin on some “Jeopardy!”-related matters. I always have considered Mr. Griffin to be one of the true legends of the business. The very special moment came when Mr. Griffin invited me to fly on his private plane from Los Angeles to Orlando, Fla., for a meeting we were both attending. We sat in very comfortable chairs facing each other and, for more than five hours, talked.
I really didn’t talk much because I was so fascinated by what he had to say. I guess I started it off by asking him what he most remembered about his career. That was an odd beginning, since Mr. Griffin was one of the greatest talk show hosts of all time and, in that capacity, asked the questions. That question led to his discussing the extraordinary number and diverse array of people he had met.
What struck me most was his humility and that he had nothing but positive things to say about a wide range of highly public individuals. It was obvious he would not breach the confidence of relationships or intimate conversations he had with the people he knew. In those hours I learned more about the history of the entertainment world than I had ever known from a man whose distinguished career spanned many generations. — Dick Lippin, chairman and chief executive, the Lippin Group


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