Emmy’s Singing Sensations

Sep 16, 2007  •  Post A Comment

The true winners at this year’s Emmy Awards weren’t even nominated.
The cast of stage musical “The Jersey Boys” not only received worldwide attention following their rendering of “Walk Like a Man” in tribute to “The Sopranos,” but likely will be thrust in front of American audiences again throughout the day tomorrow.
After a stop in the backstage pressroom, the foursom made an appearance on the “Winner’s Walk” after the performance and instantly became the media darlings of the evening, performing the opening chorus of “Walk Like a Man” five more times for cameras backstage from the likes of “Entertainment Tonight” as well as the print press.
“Extra’s” reporters convinced the group to sing the show’s tagline “Extra, Extra,” which will likely be used in tomorrow’s show, while another organization convinced them to sing “Sherry.”
ATAS President Askin Promises Surprises During Emmys Show
While throngs of people flooded the doors prior to the start of the Emmy show, Dick Askin, president of the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, was examining the preparations behind-the-scenes with his wife.
Mr. Askin noted that he expected a great show from both Fox and host Ryan Seacrest and promised surprises throughout the show. “We’ve thrown everything out and renewed how we prepare for the show, starting with the stage, which is truly something that has never been done before for an event of this size,” he said.
Mr. Askin went on to say that among the surprises prepared for the show, he expected the homage to “The Sopranos” to be one feature that wowed audiences.– (Posted 5:00 p.m. PT)

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