Fourth Season Most Complicated for ‘Entourage’ Writers

Sep 4, 2007  •  Post A Comment

As “Entourage” wrapped its fourth season Sunday with episode “The Cannes Kids,” creator and executive producer Doug Ellin said this season was the most complicated to write.
“People kind of want the so-simple plot of ‘The goal is to get X.’ And I think this year, people were a little unsure of what the actual goal was,” Mr. Ellin said during his weekly podcast with TelevisionWeek managing editor Melissa Grego.
That didn’t deflate most people’s enjoyment of the season, he said.
During the latest episode, the boys’ movie “Medellin” draws criticisms and boos from the Cannes crowd.
A partial inspiration for the plot, Mr. Ellin said, was Vincent Gallo’s movie “The Brown Bunny,” which critic Roger Ebert panned at Cannes, telling a TV crew it was the worst film in the history of the festival.
But after “Bunny” was recut, Mr. Ebert gave it a somewhat favorable review.
“There’s all sorts of possibilities (for “Medellin”), but the guys right now are in a pretty bad situation,” Mr. Ellin said.
As for Drama’s fling with Jacqueline, and whether she’ll be returning in season five, Mr. Ellin wasn’t specific, but said he makes mental notes in terms of continuity of the series.
“Everything on this show, at some point, comes back. So how it’ll play out, whether he has a long-term phone relationship with her or she actually comes here, I really don’t know yet.”
Mr. Ellin also talked about product placement in the series, saying placements are based on what he and fellow executive producer Stephen Levinson enjoy.
Recently featured on the show was Marquis Jet, which Mr. Ellin said he featured because the service was able to bail his family out of a blizzard in Colorado six months ago.
“So, that was my payback for them,” he said.
Listen to the whole interview here.


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