Voom HD Adds Shows for Kids

Sep 20, 2007  •  Post A Comment

High-definition television isn’t just for adults. Voom HD Networks on Monday announced the acquisition of three new programs for kids.
Voom’s Family Room HD, which offers programming for the entire family, acquired 28 half-hour episodes of “RenegadePress.com,” a tween show about an underground ezine, and 52 half-hour episodes of “Animal Atlas,” about animal life.
In addition, the network’s Animania HD channel, dedicated to high-def animation programming, acquired the first season of a new 3-D animated preschool series “Katakune.”
Keith O’Connell, VP of programming for Family Room HD and Animania HD, said both channels stand out because they are 100 percent produced in HD.
“As we continue to grow our library of quality high-definition content in both animation and live-action, we are thrilled to offer our viewers more programs that are engaging and entertaining for kids of all ages—from preschool through tweens,” she said. “Family Room HD and Animania HD are the only family and kids true HD channels available 24/7 and commercial-free. Through the power of true HD, we will allow these three series to take on astonishing new depth and detail.”
Animation particularly lends itself to high definition, Ms. O’Connell said.
“‘Animal Atlas’ looks phenomenal in high def,” she said. “It’s almost a cinematic experience.”
Some critics question networks spending time and money investing in children’s programming in HD when it seems more practical to focus on adult programming. However, Ms. O’Connell sees high-definition children’s programming as a worthwhile venture.
“We’ve had kids shows since our launch and it’s been great hearing the reception from the kids themselves,” she said. “It further enhances their viewing experience. Kids can see the same programming on our network where it’s going to look much better, so it’s a benefit.”
Ms. O’Connell wouldn’t comment on the networks’ future children’s programming.
“RenegadePress.com” premiered Sept. 15, “Animal Atlas” starts airing Oct. 2 and “Katakune” will debut in November.


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