CBS Marketing Promotes Kreiner, Hires McCoy

Oct 9, 2007  •  Post A Comment

Jeff Kreiner, who has been senior VP of CBS News Marketing since 1996, has been named to the newly created position of senior VP of production for the CBS Marketing Group. He will be responsible for the network’s growing Outernet marketing initiatives and will report to CBS Marketing Group President George Schweitzer.
Dave McCoy, who spent nine years with MSNBC’s promotions department, most recently as senior creative director, will become senior VP and creative director of CBS News Marketing, also reporting to Mr. Schweitzer. He also will work closely with CBS News and Sports President Sean McManus and his executive staff and executive producers of all CBS News programs.
Mr. McCoy will be responsible for creating and producing advertising and marketing campaigns for all CBS News programming and for the division overall.
“Dave’s talents and experience as a producer, director, writer, editor, photographer, graphic designer and team leader will serve us well in this highly competitive field,” said Schweitzer. “He will insure a constant flow of information, strategy and creative vision between all of the key personnel at CBS News.”
“As we move aggressively forward in rebuilding CBS News, I’m pleased that we’re able to add Dave’s wide and distinct array of creative talents to the areas of promotion, marketing and advertising,” said Mr. McManus. “As our editorial executives and staff continue to build even stronger broadcasts, Dave will find creative and effective ways to let our audience and potential audiences know about them.”
In his new role, Mr. Kreiner will oversee production of the CBS Eye on American program, as well as CBS Eye on Royal Caribbean, and content for CBS distribution platforms including CBS Outernet’s (formerly SignStorey’s) supermarkets, Healium Network’s doctors’ offices, Auto Net’s service stations, Salon Net’s hair centers and other venues.
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  1. I just Googled Healium and AVTV after a TORTUROUS experience with it at my doctor’s waiting room. The thing is so loud, so annoying, and so repetitive. I blasts 10 commercials in-a-row and then a 2 minute segment which is not much longer than a promo commercial you’d see on TV. There’s no real entertainment.
    When you visit your doctor with high fever, and just wanted quiet, Helium will flash lights and sounds at you and there’s nothing you can do.
    Everyone in the waiting room was asking saying how annoying it was. People were trying to read or close their eyes. People had to sit under the TV with the speakers right above their head blaring.
    I asked my doctor to get rid of it. It made my experience hell.
    Entertainment? Torture.

  2. I also googled Healium and AVTV after waiting in my doctor’s office. It was WONDERFUL! It was the first time I actually ENJOYED waiting for my doctor! I don’t know what Mike McDougal is talking about (could he be working for a competitor, and slandering and defaming his competition?)… I saw a great story from 60 Minutes about the Garden of Eden, which was followed by one of the greatest all-time I Love Lucy clips – Vitameatavegamin! It brought back the good old days. Remember- laughter is a great cure, and Healium delivered! I highly recommend it!

  3. Mike McDougal, of a previous posting, has launched a campaign of falsehoods against my company, and I’d like to respond.
    First, to address McDougal’s claims regarding Healium content: Healium features best of the best ENTERTAINING content from CBS. We have a collection of carefully selected segments that we update regularlyy on the network. The network balances classic clips (e.g. I Love Lucy, The Honeymooners, Walter Cronkite’s Greatest Moments) with feel-good segments from today’s popular CBS shows (e.g. 60 Minutes, CBS News Sunday Morning). The response to this entertainment model has been overwhelmingly positive. We have a LONG list of testimonials from our clients. And we have MANY clients who have displaced competitive waiting networks because of our attractive entertainment model.
    In terms of the balance of advertising and entertainment, it is IDENTICAL to that of television (42 minutes of entertainment per hour). McDougal is not being truthful when he talks about how there is no real entertainment.
    Bottom line: we are proud about how well accepted Healium has become, how happy our clients are, and how Healium is redefining the waiting room of the 21st century.
    I am sorry McDougal didn’t have a positive experience while watching one of our screens, but the fact that he has posted his falsehoods on mutiple sites, with smartly chosen keywords, leads me to suspect that he has other motivations. Perhaps he’s a jealous competitor. 🙂

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