Kellogg’s Builds Kids Sports Site

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Kids love ESPN, but there’s not much news about kids sports on “SportsCenter” or ESPN.com.
Kellogg’s and its agency Starcom USA worked with Disney/ABC Unlimited to create a multimedia platform for the Frosted Flakes brand that salutes high-achieving kids, teaches lessons about sports and nutrition and could serve as a springboard for an awards show for young athletes.
Through research, Starcom discovered that kids, particularly male tweens, spend a lot of time on ESPN.com and watching “SportsCenter” and other ESPN content, said Tom Weeks, senior VP at Starcom Entertainment.
“Another insight we uncovered is that kids really want to hear about other kids succeeding and want to be able to watch them and emulate them and help them in celebrating their own success,” he said.
One idea was to create an awards show for Kellogg’s to sponsor on TV, Mr. Weeks said.
“We felt that the best way to do that was to break it down into one-minute shorts that we could air both online and on TV as more digestible chunks of awards show, knowing that awards shows don’t typically do well when you’re launching them from scratch,” he said.
Starcom instead has produced nine one-minute awards shorts.
Each is introduced by young announcer Adam and features a young athlete who excels on the field and displays exemplary endurance, determination, leadership and other qualities.
The first of the awards shorts aired during a Friday-night roadblock on Oct. 5 on kids networks including Toon Disney, Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network. The second one appeared as part of a similar roadblock the following Friday.
Mr. Weeks said Friday night is the biggest viewing night for kids and that the awards shorts ran as the first item in the first pods of high-rated programming.
The TV awards show spots were designed to drive young viewers to look for more information about Frosted Flakes’ “Earn Your Stripes” program online at ESPN.com/earnyourstripes. Kellogg’s is using online media to push viewership to the site as well.
Interestingly, the shorts don’t contain any Frosted Flakes boxes or any other product mentions, said Matthew Sharon, associate director of Starcom Entertainment.
The remaining awards shorts will appear on the site.
ESPN is doing some promotion of the site and also providing distribution and credibility with kids to the effort.
Kellogg’s does a lot of work across the Disney/ABC Unlimited platforms, and the program was created from scratch among the partners.
“It was something that wasn’t pitched or sold on the street, but was something that we built off the insights and then worked on with our partners,” Mr. Weeks said.
ESPN manages the site while Starcom helps find kids, including the young announcer.
On the Web site, the announcer is identified only as Adam M. (no last names are used on the site or in the videos), age 12. He’s from Chicago and his team is the Chicago Bears. On the site, he said his favorite sports memory was a race in which he was leading, was passed by a classmate, but caught up and regained the lead. That taught him valuable lessons:
“1. Even if you are in first place, continue to give the race your all !!! and don’t relax until it’s over.”
“2. To be a great runner and an athlete, techniques are important. I am going to practice more on my breathing and form.”
The rest of the page is designed to be a forum for kids to talk to each other about what’s happening on their teams or share opinions about topics in sports.
There will be kid-written articles and reports on the site that will be updated. Kids also can submit stories about their own experiences and converse on a message board.
There’s a sports poll on the site as well.
The site is designed to reinforce the Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes slogan “Earn Your Stripes.” Kellogg’s says the slogan means work hard—believing in yourself and being your best will help you overcome challenges and accomplish your goals—and eat right, which will give you the energy you need to play the sports you love.


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