Media, Web Firms Create Guidelines to Protect Copyrighted Content Online

Oct 19, 2007  •  Post A Comment

A coalition of media and Internet companies, created to develop a series of principles and standards governing user-generated content, on Thursday announced its guidelines for online video sites to protect copyrighted content and use filtering technologies.
The companies involved are CBS Corp., Dailymotion, Fox Entertainment Group, Microsoft Corp., MySpace, NBC Universal, Veoh Networks, Viacom and the Walt Disney Co.
This is the first wide-reaching industry effort to address the ongoing piracy concerns surrounding online video.
The announcement comes after Google announced it had rolled out its own filtering system to protect copyrighted content on YouTube earlier this week.
The principles, listed online at www.ugcprinciples.com, include the introduction of filtering technology to block illegal uploads, cooperation in developing procedures to address concerns over copyright systems and the removal of links to sites dedicated to infringing content.


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