MyNet Continues Brand Expansion

Oct 28, 2007  •  Post A Comment

MyNetwork is taking some cues from the competition.
The network is developing a sitcom, a scripted action-drama and a spinoff of its highest-rated show, the documentary reality series “Jail,” a game plan that sounds similar to the other five national broadcast networks.
The moves are part of MyNet President Greg Meidel’s plan to continue to revamp the fledgling network be­yond its telenovela-based roots.
“Things are getting better,” Mr. Meidel said. “We’ve come a long way since last fall, since the change of the schedule and weaning ourselves off the telenovela. We have a lot of work ahead of us and we’ll continue to see improvement.”
The network also is planning more specials, including “The TV Guide Online Awards,” “The World Magic Awards” and, for the second year, “The World Music Awards.”
Mr. Meidel said with the broader programming slate, the network has added more than 30 advertisers since last year. “We’ve taken on the look of a more traditional network, and it’s invited a lot of new advertisers,” he said.
Most of the recent changes haven’t yet affected the network’s overall ratings compared to its freshman year.
MyNet is flat in its target adults 18 to 49 demo with a 0.3 average, and down slightly in total viewers (about 800,000). The network is down or flat most nights of the week, but has gained 25 percent on Tuesday nights thanks to the reality duo “The Academy” and “Jail.”
The shows also are partly responsible for boosting MyNet’s viewership in male demographics.
“Last year really hurt them when telenovelas didn’t resonate with viewers and it’s hard to get those viewers back,” said Brad Adgate, senior VP of research at Horizon Media. “They’re still not really on the radar of viewers.”
After the telenovela experiment failed to find audiences, MyNet overhauled its schedule last spring, shifting to a combination of reality shows, ultimate fighting programs, second-run movies and celebrity-driven news specials.
The ultimate fighting series “IFL” was downsized from its Monday night block and moved to Saturdays in favor of “Celebrity Expose.” The one-hour celebrity news series performs strongly in originals, but the net hasn’t found a steady companion beyond encore episodes, so Monday is down overall.
Thursday and Friday movie nights have been hit-and-miss, with recent weeks pretty much on par with the network’s average. Same with Wednesday night’s block of reality originals, “Decision House” and “Meet My Folks.”
With “Expose” and “Jail” popping in the schedule, MyNet has high hopes for its upcoming reality series “Paradise Hotel”—a sequel to the former Fox show that could combine the soapy drama enjoyed by “Expose” fans and the reality drama of the more male-skewing “Jail.”


  1. I’m surprised the ratings aren’t zero. I watched some of the telenovelas last year and they were very poorly put together – same old soap plots but with even less sex and skin than daytime tv. Even the romantic elements were weak. They’ve gone through half a dozen different format ideas since then with no luck. Time to pull the plug… or maybe try Gomer Pyle reruns, they haven’t tried that format yet.

  2. MNT is backed by FOX. They look to be headed in the right direction, they just need time.
    P.S. There is no MNT in my area.
    I’ve contacted WSAV in Savannah which carries it on their D2 channel and they’ve contacted the local cable company but so far nothing.
    MNT is coupled with Retro TV on WSAV D2.

  3. Seems that MyNet isn’t doing well. I recently saw the ‘EXPOSED’ program and thorught it could be a mix of ‘ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT’ and ‘INTIMATE PORTAIT.’ Note that both are female oriented shows. One on the TUNA channel, the other produced by KABC7 (or 7HD, Los Angeles).
    My local MyNet channel is still a LPTV outlet, as most seem to be. I’m also noticing a lower level of programming on the local side of MyNet affiliates too. Seems that the CW affiliates are getting better programs, which are producing more numbers. Something’s clearly in the mix.
    As for HD-?? I wouldn’;t bother. There are too many HD issues with artifacts and signal issue to bother, unless you decide to go with downgraded mpeg4, from cable. To some, it doesn’t matter about clearness or signal conversion/loss. I would just plan on the HD stations not being there now… and even after Feb 2009, with all the issues that will not be resoleved by the FCC.

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