Rounding Up HD News: LG’s DTV Converter Is Government-Certified

Oct 11, 2007  •  Post A Comment

LG’s DTV Converter Is Government-Certified
LG Electronics has received official government certification for its digital-to-analog DTV converters from the National Telecommunications & Information Administration, Twice.com reported. The box, which receives and converts digital broadcast signals for use on analog TV sets, is eligible for the $40 coupons that the U.S. Department of Commerce division will issue to consumers who purchase certified converter boxes for the transition to digital broadcasting in 2009. The boxes are expected to be retail-ready in early 2008.
DirecTV Now Up to 45 HD Channels
DirecTV has added four more high-def channels, bringing its national tally to 45, TVPredictions.com reported. The addition of the channels—MGM HD, Food Network HD, National Geographic HD and CNBC HD+—is part of the satcaster’s plan to offer 70 HD channels by the end of October and 100 high-def channels by year’s end. The company’s main competitor, EchoStar, said recently that it is actually the HD leader with 48 national HD channels, although its list is said to include eight HD pay-per-view channels.
Mojo Launches Trio of Reality Shows
High-def network Mojo is set to premiere three new shows that present participants with “Survivor”-esque challenges. “Pressure Cook” throws chef Ralph Pagano blindfolded into an unknown exotic location and forces him to earn his way home by cooking while dealing with language barriers and wardrobe challenges. “Technology Jones” forces eight people to give up all of their modern electronic gadgets and make do with antiquated technology from a year randomly selected from the past. And on “Test Drive,” host Craig Jackson takes viewers on a light-hearted ride giving answers to topics such as which car will attract which kind of girl and what actually causes traffic congestion.


  1. FYI: DTV converters provide for conversion of soon-to-be mandatory digitally broadcast SD (standard definition) signals to analog SD signals for older television sets. They have nothing to do with HD TV.

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