Savre Sees MTV’s Potential for Hits

Oct 21, 2007  •  Post A Comment

While 19-year-old Danielle Savre nearly decided she didn’t want to be on MTV, she and her friends are definitely fans.
“I don’t get to watch a lot of TV, but you get hooked on it the second you start watching it. You flip it on and you’re watching it for three hours for a ‘Real World’ marathon,” she said.
“All of my friends are die-hard fans of MTV. It’s huge,” she said. “It’s a guilty pleasure for adults too,” even if they admit it only when asked directly about last night’s episodes of “The Hills.”
Ms. Savre is familiar with the criticism MTV gets. “Everyone wants to diss on MTV because of all the reality and everything, but they make a lot of shows a lot of people love to watch, and the characters people either love to love or love to hate. They really make great characters and great shows.”
The California native has been singing and dancing since she was 7. Her acting career took off first, and she’s probably best known as the cheerleader who didn’t get saved last year on NBC’s hit “Heroes.”
Like Kaya, she sang in a couple of bands, including one that played bubblegum pop for Disney. Her MTV repertoire is edgier, she said.
With all of the troubled celebrities to pick as models for her role, Ms. Savre said she’s tried to take a little bit from everyone. In the show, for example, her dad is her manager, which picks up echoes of Joe Simpson, father of Jessica and Ashlee Simpson.
Ms. Savre thinks “Kaya” has done a great job of depicting what goes on behind the scenes in the music business.
When Ms. Savre read the script, she said she couldn’t put it down. But working with MTV seems risky because the network hasn’t done a scripted show in five years. She said she had to go through five network tests to get the role, and had to sing at every audition.
“Danielle was great. She just popped right in the casting session,” said Tony DiSanto, executive VP for series development and programming at MTV.
He said the role is complex because the program shows the characters before and after the band hits the big time.
“She and the other cast members have to handle that subtle difference of Kaya post-fame and Kaya pre-fame, which is not a big jump in time, so it has to be gotten across with nuances of character, and she does a hell of a job,” Mr. DiSanto said.


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