Western Digital Device Expands TiVo’s HD Storage

Oct 25, 2007  •  Post A Comment

High-definition television viewers with TiVo now have the ability to increase their HD programming storage capacity with Western Digital’s My DVR Expander external hard drive.
The company said Tuesday the hard drive was verified compatible with TiVo HD and TiVo Series3 DVRs.
The My DVR Expander can store an additional 65 hours of HD programming, bringing the total to nearly 85 hours, according to Andrew Morrison, director of platform product management at TiVo.
The extender allows TiVo users to hold an additional 300 hours of standard-definition shows as well as broadband content made available through TiVoCast partners such as Amazon Unbox and Rhapsody Music.
This is the first external drive offering from TiVo. It’s currently available at Best Buy stores and online at TiVo.com for $199.99.
While HD enthusiasts may want more storage on their DVRs, Bruce Leichtman, principal of Leichtman Research, said an external device isn’t necessarily the way to go.
“The model for storage is a pay-per-month model, not an upfront model,” he said.
Mr. Leichtman said paying $200 upfront for more storage, rather than a smaller fee per month, is a difficult proposition for consumers.
Mr. Morrison disagreed, saying he sees benefits to offering an external storage device at a one-time cost.
“If you buy the product and think 20 hours of HD storage isn’t enough, we give you the ability to expand that,” he said. “We would have to charge a lot more if we added it directly into the DVR.”
TiVo has an estimated 4.3 million subscribers, but could not provide the percentage that are HD users.


  1. Bought the WD drive. Powered it, unplugged Tivo HD, connected SATA cable, repowered Tivo. Tivo says there is no external drive. Tried 3 times.

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