Akamai Shows Off Potential of HD Online

Nov 1, 2007  •  Post A Comment

Akamai, a global service provider accelerating content and applications online, Monday announced TheHDWeb site, a portal designed to show users the potential high-definition experience they can have online.
The site is intended to serve as a temporary Internet programming guide to high-definition video on the Web and to provide users with access to a complete HD experience.
TheHDWeb will offer movie trailers, professional sports games and music videos. Companies providing content for TheHDWeb include Apple, BBC Motion Gallery, CBS, Gannett and MTV Networks.
“This portal further showcases Akamai’s commitment to ensuring superior HD experiences for consumers and enabling innovative business opportunities for our ecosystem of content owners, network providers and video platform players, “ Brad Rinklin, VP of marketing at Akamai, said in a statement.
“Many of the companies participating in our HDWeb initiative have already seen growing demand in the broadcast world for increasing amounts of content in HD format, and understand that delivering the experience on the Web offers increased opportunity for brand immersion, content monetization and positive user experiences,” Mr. Rinklin added.
“The site will increase awareness of the potential of video online and how far we’ve come as an industry,” said Suzanne Johnson, Akamai senior product marketing manager. “We’re excited about what we’re doing and don’t believe there’s anything else out there like this.”
This initiative comes at a time when the potential for HD to be delivered and viewed over the Internet is at the forefront of many companies’ plans. Last week, digital media content delivery company Limelight launched LimelightHD aimed at delivering high-definition media and content over the Web. Akamai had a similar endeavor in August that planned to deliver long-form HD content.
A critical factor to enable a high bit-rate delivery of very large HD files is the proximity of the end user to the server sending the file, Akamai said. Greater distance from a server and delays in delivering the file can interrupt the users’ viewing. The company said it works closely with leading broadband ISPs to deploy servers directly in those networks so that content is delivered closer to the end user, creating a better HD experience.
“We’re extremely widely distributed,” Ms. Johnson said. “There are 700 different regions where we have servers.”
The HDWeb is available at www.thehdweb.com/demo.html.


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