Mojo Puts Its Money on Thursday Block

Nov 8, 2007  •  Post A Comment

Mojo, the all high-definition channel geared toward affluent men, announced the launch of Mojo Money Night, a Thursday night programming block catering to those in the world of high finance.
The new lineup, to appear in January, will feature three high-def series about stock traders, venture capitalists and startup entrepreneurs.
“Last year we found that the world of Wall Street finance struck a chord with the Mojo audience,” David Asch, senior VP of programming and new media for Mojo parent In Demand Networks, said in Monday’s announcement. “So this year we’re not only going back to Wall Street, but also exploring the equally fascinating worlds of venture capital and entrepreneurship.”
“Wall Street Warriors” will return for a second season with 10 half-hour episodes. Viewers get to follow six individuals from the world of finance as they battle to generate as much money as possible.
Two new series will kick off the block: “Bobby G. Adventure Capitalist” and “Start-Up Junkies.” “Adventure Capitalist” offers a first-hand look at the life of powerful capital management investor Bobby Genovese as he flies around the world buying, selling and turning around money-losing companies. “Start-Up Junkies” features serial entrepreneurs, who thrive on working in startup ventures, over a period of seven months.
Mojo is no stranger to themed programming blocks. The network has paired two cooking shows together, “After Hours” and “Pressure Cook,” to create an hour of food-related programming. Because “Pressure Cook” also focused on travel, it was paired with travel show “Dr. Danger,” Mr. Asch said.
“Our shows are usually half-hours, so we like to pair shows together that make an hour of great programming,” he said.
In the case of Mojo Money Night, the network has combined three hours of finance-related series instead of just two. The network hopes returning show “Wall Street” will draw in regular viewers to the two new shows that follow it on Thursday nights.
NBC’s sci-fi drama “Heroes,” to which Mojo recently acquired the off-network rights, will be the lead-in for the new financial block of programming.


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