QuickTakes: If the writers strike goes on for a while, what could the lasting impact be?

Nov 11, 2007  •  Post A Comment

“The Internet’s enormous power as a distribution mechanism isn’t a new phenomenon—we saw it first with the music industry and, inevitably, it has progressed to TV and video content. The writers strike is testament to how pervasive and mainstream Web video has become—it’s truly seen as an alternative to your TV, and I think the lasting impact will be in how networks and media companies mobilize to regain control of their content, legitimize the way it’s distributed and generate revenue from it.”
Suranga Chandratillake, CEO-founder, blinkx
“Viewers will be exposed to a glut of overly outrageous reality and game shows. People will feed their appetite for quality content elsewhere, with the Internet being the overwhelming choice. There’s great stuff on the Web, so a lot of those people will never watch TV at the same level again.”
Matt Edelman, CEO, PeopleJam
“Writers are keenly aware of the ramifications of not protecting their residuals resulting from exploiting their work on various platforms. It is essential that the WGA protects itself, but it could be more financial pain than many of the members can endure. I’m incredibly interested to see how it plays out. It’s art versus commerce in the worst form.”
Neil Goldberg, chief operating officer, Akimbo Systems, and a member of/consultant to the Writers Guild of America

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