Strike News Roundup: Friday, Nov. 9

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A compilation of strike news from around the Web.
NBC Cutting ‘Tonight Show’ Staff Next Week
NBC told non-writing “Tonight Show” personnel today that they will be laid off next week if production does not continue on the show, Broadcasting & Cable reports.
“Tonight Show” executive producer Debbie Vickers said guest hosts might be used in order to put the show back into production and save jobs, as host Jay Leno refuses to cross the WGA picket line, B&C says.
NBC’s late-night lineup has been in repeats since Monday.
Largest Writer Rally Yet at Fox
A thousand protesters arrived at Fox Studios today to rally in support of picketing writers, the largest such demonstration since the walkout began Monday, Daily Variety says.
California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger commented on the strike, saying he is urging both sides to come to an agreement. The governor has met with representatives of both sides in the dispute in hopes of ending the strike, Daily Variety says.
U.K. Possible Source of Writers During Strike
Rumors are circulating that American producers are scouting British writers as a stopgap solution during the writers strike, Daily Variety reports.
The Writers Guild of Great Britain is urging British producers not to undermine the WGA’s strike, the newspaper says.
Rev. Jesse Jackson Joins Picketing Writers
The Rev. Jesse Jackson joined WGA West president Patric Verrone and striking writers outside Paramount Pictures in Los Angeles during the fourth day of the writers strike, Daily Variety says.
Mr. Verrone said he was willing to get back to the bargaining table as soon as possible, but the Alliance of Motion Picture & Television Producers might negotiate with the Directors Guild of America before they come back to the table with the WGA, the paper reports.
The DGA’s contract is set to expire June 30.
Partial Season Planned for ‘Lost’
The eight episodes completed on ABC’s “Lost” before the strike are going to air in a partial season of the hit show, Broadcasting & Cable reports.
“Lost” executive producer Damon Lindelof confirmed the eighth episode ends in a cliffhanger that won’t be resolved until after the writers return, the newspaper says.
Agents Offer Support in Negotiations
Leaders from five top talent agencies met with WGA staff on Thursday to offer help toward negotiations, the Los Angeles Times reports.
The secret meeting was spurred by growing concerns from agents’ clients, and agents in the meetings were trying to urge the writers and producers back to the bargaining table.
Coffee Houses Feeling Empty Over Strike
The favorite haunt of bleary-eyed writers, the coffee house, is being hit by low turnout due to the strike, the Los Angeles Times reports.
Both the Office, a Santa Monica writers’ workplace, and the 18th Street Coffee House report concerns about business due to the strike, the newspaper says.
Networks Consider Ways to Freshen Reruns
Networks are trying to repackage reruns in order to avoid looking stale, the Hollywood Reporter reports.
Comedy Central is setting up theme weeks of “The Colbert Report” and “The Daily Show With Jon Stewart,” while some late-night shows are considering splicing popular quarter-hour segments from different episodes to create new episodes, the Reporter said.
Compiled by Andrew Krukowski
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