VH1 Celebrity Rehab Series Debuts Jan. 10

Nov 27, 2007  •  Post A Comment

VH1 plans to put celebrities through rehab in a new reality series.
Dr. Drew Pinsky will host “Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew.” The eight-episode series, set to debut Jan. 10, will follow Brigitte Nielsen, Chyna, Daniel Baldwin, Jeff Conaway, Jessica Sierra, Jaimee Foxworth, Seth “Shifty” Binzer, Mary Carey and Ricco Rodriguez as they undergo detox and treatment at a center in the Los Angeles area.
“The road to sobriety is not easy and rehabilitation and the recovery process are not to be taken lightly,” Dr. Pinsky said. “My goal is to lift the veil and help my patients, as well as viewers, understand that if not taken seriously, addiction is a disease that will kill you.”
All but one of the patients completed an intensive 21-day, around-the-clock program with both group and one-on-one therapy. After they completed the program, the patients were given the opportunity to continue their treatment in a sober living facility or treatment center for at least three months at VH1’s expense.
“Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew” is executive produced by John Irwin and Damian Sullivan for Irwin Entertainment. Dr. Drew Pinsky and Howard Lapides also are executive producing. Michael Hirschorn, Jeff Olde, Jill Holmes and Noah Pollack are executive producers for VH1.


  1. Who will watch this show? Only 3 of those names look familar and don’t seem to fit in the demographic that VH1 is reaching at the current moment. BOO to this show and the demographic shift, if this is where they are trying to go…

  2. Detoxing should be a private issue and not a public display, unless, or course, they want to show everyone that not only can they abuse the liquid, but can get paid to get sober. How desperate are they?

  3. Jaimee Foxworth from “Family Matters” is joining the show? Why did she chose to join the show? Did she start taking drugs or alcohol?

  4. David, detoxing will never be a private issue because if it was it would not work. I don’t know the motive for these “celebrities” but for Dr. Drew’s part I’m sure he’s not trying to make it a public display, but a way to show people in this demographic that there is help and that we are learning more now then ever about addiction and the physical affect on the brain. They could have been every day people on the show and the result would be the same.
    I am looking forward to it release!!

  5. This is the most rediculous show that VH1 has come out with so far. And as far as that woman from Family Matters being addicted to “marijuana”, give me a f**king break! VH1 is as bad, maybe even worse, than MTV now. I’m just glad that I was part of the era where MUSIC videos were actually a part of these two stations format instead of these reality shows that are currently airing on both stations, lowering the IQ of millions of already stupid people who tune into these shows. GOOD JOB AMERICA!!! Have another cheeseburger and chocolate shake while you watch ANOTHER stupid show on television while the media rapes your mind.

  6. well i happen to watch this show n i feel its a great idea cause it educates everyone when it comes to drugs, n what happens when someone looses control over thier lives,all thanks to drugs,sounds like there is alot of closed minded people out there that likes to live in a fairy tale land

  7. This is a good show. At least Dr. Drew is a real doctor. I don’t know how you can compare this to some of the other reality junk that’s out there. Drug and alcohol addiction are not private matters because they affect us all. Increased taxes for treatment centers, unpaid hospital bills for detox clients, loss of work, costs of incarceration/courts, disability and welfare are all affected by addiction. Its about time America gets its head out of the sand and recognizes that this is a disease and it is killing our society. Almost every crime, greed, broken families all can be connected to the loss of judgment that is part of this disease. Please continue shows that educate and get rid of those that glorify that lifestyle. I work in this field and see the devastation daily. This is what is really sad ~~ our throw-away society! Spend millions on junk that doesn’t matter, but take away money from the mental health and addiction needs of our country while others look the other way and pretend it doesn’t affect them. It will all catch up to us before long if things don’t change. Go Dr. Drew!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. after watching a few episodes, i am fascinated.
    i am in recovery and Jeff’s situation is similiar to mine. seeing others struggle and learn to stay sober is only a positive. just like in meetings, you can learn and remember and relate. and sometimes, you uncover things even you are not completely aware of. either way, i have found it very true to the values of getting better from addiction.

  9. I look foward to every thursday, best reality show they came out with, it shows you what drugs do to you and how bad they hurt you, and maybe it will stop kids and adults from not doing them… great job dr drew

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