CBS Sports’ Wade Promoted to Senior VP Communications

Dec 6, 2007  •  Post A Comment

CBS Sports has promoted longtime exec LeslieAnne Wade to senior VP of communications for the company.
In this role, Ms. Wade will oversee the corporate and media relations effort for all of the company’s sports businesses including CBS Sports, CBSSports.com, CSTV and CSTV.com and will work closely with Showtime Sports and all the company’s other sports properties.
“LeslieAnne is one of the most highly regarded sports communications executives in the business,” said Gil Schwartz, executive VP of corporate communications for CBS Corporation. “During her tenure with CBS, her duties have expanded exponentially as the company’s sports properties have multiplied, and she’s proven herself with each new responsibility. I look forward to continuing to work with her in this expanded role.”
Ms. Wade joined the division in 1993 as a consultant and was named VP in May 1998. She will continue to report to Mr. Schwartz and Sean McManus, president, of CBS News and Sports.
“LeslieAnne has been an invaluable asset and key member of the CBS Sports management team,” said Mr. McManus. “The sports and business media have grown to respect, trust and rely on her as spokesperson for the entire portfolio of sports businesses at CBS.”
During her tenure, Ms. Wade has led the publicity efforts surrounding coverage of Super Bowl’s XXXVIII and XLI, The NFL on CBS, the PGA Tour, the U.S. Open Tennis Championship, the NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Championship and college football, among other programs and specials.
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  1. Yesterday I watched the Giants/Patriots game provided on the CBS channel as Channel 3 via Comcast out of Philadelphia. This is not the first time that the crowd noise overwhelmed the announcers. One could hardly hear Chris & Brian Gumbel. There is something wrong with the mix. It made watching/listening to the game a chore and spoilied it for me. RJF

  2. re: Phil Sims narrative of Patriots vs. Chargers AFC Play-off Game, January 20, 2008
    Dear Ms. Wade:
    On listening closely to Mr. Sims “color” commentary of the above game, I conclude that he is in the employ of the San Diego Chargers. No other explanations is sufficient. Hooray for you!
    As a stock-holder I applaud cost savings. As a sports fan, my enthusiasm is somewhat less.
    Do you broadcast the SuperBowl? If so, please ask Mr. Sims to wear a N.Y. Giants jersey. It will go a long way to explaining to your viewers his biased presentation of the event.
    There may be a long-standing hubris between Mr. Sims and the New England team. I don’t know. However, he has clearly demonstrated a preference, if not outright hostility, to the Patriots in all broadcasts I have watched this season and last. Having been a Giant, perhaps he resents success.
    Yours for good sportsmanship,
    John Holmgren (no relation to the coach)
    33 Lockwood Drive
    Charleston, SC 29401
    843 442-9348

  3. I am writing to express my shock and outrage at CBS Television’s implicit acceptance of golf commentator David Feherty’s terrorist remarks proposing the assassination of American democracy’s legislative leaders. It is not enough for LeslieAnne Wade to merely state the network’s position that Mr. Feherty’s violent polemic is “not in any way condoned, endorsed or approved by CBS Sports.” Such a weak and tepid reaction to what David Fehrety stated is completely unsuitable.
    I call for immediate termination of Mr. Feherty’s contract with CBS Sports, and I will write to each of CBS Sports’ advertisers to ask their support in demanding the same. There is absolutely no justification for permitting David Feherty continued opportunity to issue commentary across American airwaves after his disgusting anti-American screed in D magazine.
    First of all, Mr. Fehrety has cravenly masked his own violently terrorist rightwing desires for assassinating U.S. leaders by assigning them to our men and women in uniform, using our military troops who defend American democracy as his mouthpiece for proposing the violent overthrow of our legislative leaders. This is disgusting, shameful, and cowardly.
    Secondly, that the suggested shooting of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi should be proposed by David Feherty, a resident of Dallas, Texas, is hideous, considering that this bastion of extremist rightwing polemics is the very site where our beloved President, John F. Kennedy was gunned down in November, 1963. One would also assume that a native of Ireland might have more sensitivity and intelligence than to propose the assassination of U.S. government leaders when America’s leading Irish-American statesman was brutally murdered in his city of residence. But David Fehrety has blatantly displayed his complete disregard for decency, American democracy, history and broader public sentiment beyond the provincial extremist views of some within his own community. He has exposed himself as a violent political reactionary who endorses assassination in order to advance his rightwing views.
    Thirdly, to suggest that America’s legislative leaders, by their Democratic Party affiliation, are politically akin to anti-American terrorist Osama bin Laden is outrageous beyond words. This is precisely the type of irrational, baseless, extremist, provocative, partisan charge that foments violent reaction among unstable elements in society. There is absolutely no call for this by someone whose access to media has been made possibly by his employment by CBS as a golf commentator.
    Lastly, Mr. Feherty’s revolting remarks are violently sexist in their pointed suggestion that the available means of assassination – the only two bullets in a gun given a U.S. soldier – should be reserved exclusively for Ms. Pelosi, the first woman Speaker of the House of Representatives.
    Ms. Wade should give this due consideration before issuing so mild a rebuke as to categorie Mr. Feherty’s shocking comments as merely “an unacceptable attempt at humor.” This is anything but humorous and Mr. Feherty should be subjected to immediate termination as a CBS spokesman permitted a forum for his views. I shall further request that the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service not only deny Mr. Feherty’s application for U.S. citizenship, but issue, with full support of the Department of Homeland Security, deportation of Mr. Feherty to his native Ireland.
    With full recognition and broad inerpretation of First Amendment rights to free speech in America, I also recognize when such liberty is grossly abused as in Mr. Feherty’s case. The U.S. Constitution does not permit nor condone terrorist proposals for assassinating U.S. government leaders under the guise of free speech. Considering the severity of Mr. Feherty’s outrageous remarks, CBS Sports should immediately terminate his contract. To do otherwise is to condone the most outrageous violent polemics ever made by an employee of this broadcast communications network.
    Will R.

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  10. I mean, I could see all this fuss over the guy if he’d led Jersey to the Finals

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