Discovery Doubles Up for ‘National Body Challenge’

Dec 19, 2007  •  Post A Comment

This year’s edition of Discovery Health’s “National Body Challenge” is a double-header.
The show, which follows people as they attempt to lose weight and achieve a healthier lifestyle, will focus on four sets of twins when it premieres Jan 7.
The network said many experts believe individuals’ eating habits are influenced by those closest to them, and these twins are proof of the theory. Their food-addicted, sedentary lifestyles have left them at greater risk for high blood pressure and diabetes, and years of sensitivity about their weight have wreaked havoc on their self-esteem.
Now, with guidance and inspiration from “National Body Challenge,” they will acquire the tools for a lifestyle makeover that will leave them both happier and healthier, the network said.
The show features health and fitness experts Drs. Pamela Peeke and Lydie Hazan as they guide contestants toward their goal of losing 10% of their body weight.
The contestants are:
The Thiel twins: The Thiels run an Italian restaurant, and while one is 50 pounds heavier than the other, both have weight issues as well as high blood pressure and pre-diabetes.
The Dawkins twins: One of the Dawkins twins runs a chocolate-covered fruit basket company and both have packed on the pounds.
The DiStefano twins: One of the DiStefanos is a pastry chief at a hotel in Los Angeles and the other works on movie sets as a freelance makeup artist and spends too much time at the craft service table, where donuts and other snacks are usually available.
The Boyce twins: The Boyces run a small production company and their busy careers have necessitated eating fast food on the run while long work days have kept them from working out.
“National Body Challenge: Twins Edition” is produced for Discovery Health by LMNO Productions.


  1. Hi My name is Sandy I would love to chat with the twins Jeff and Jim That were on your show how can I get intouch with them..Sandy

  2. The Theil twins were given a low calorie turkey sausage pizza to replace their normal high fat pizza, is it possible to get the low calorie pizza recipe? Are there any other recipes that are accessable to try based on the show??
    Thank you,

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