USA Renews ‘Monday Night Raw’

Dec 6, 2007  •  Post A Comment

NBC Universal extended its deal with World Wrestling Entertainment to air “Monday Night Raw” on USA Network through 2010.
“Monday Night Raw” marks its 15th anniversary on Dec. 10 with a three-hour special on USA.
The series began on USA before moving to Spike TV in 2000. It returned to USA in 2005, helping to propel USA to its current position as the top-rated cable network in primetime.
“In addition to “Raw” on USA, WWE will continue to provide NBC with special programming twice a year for the late-night Saturday time slot.
WWE will also continue to provide its weekend program, “A.M. Raw,” for USA and provide a Spanish-language version of “Monday Night Raw” for NBC Universal’s Telemundo and mun2.
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