Writers Strike News Roundup: Friday, Dec. 21

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Producers, Writers Get Last Jabs in Before Christmas
The Writers Guild of America took to the Los Angeles city council Wednesday to discuss public support for their strike. The Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers fired back, touting a recent survey that said 74% of Americans haven’t changed their viewing habits, Daily Variety reports. The Guild has also made a few pre-Christmas moves, including granting a waiver to the Spirit Awards, the newspaper reports.
Globes in Disarray Over Strike
The Golden Globes have lowered into uncertainty after the Writers Guild of America turned down the organization’s request for a writer waiver that would have let scribes write for the awards show, Daily Variety reports. Usually around this time, venues are booked and all of the hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of decorations are purchased for the event. But questions about whether the Globes are even going to happen have turned those plans upside down, the newspaper reports. Actors are hesitant to cross a writer picket line, and post-party planners are trying to read the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, making sure to not prematurely cancel events, the newspaper says.
Writers Rail Against Colbert, Stewart Return
The Writers Guild of America issued a statement about Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart’s return to their respective shows on Jan. 7, saying that the returning programs won’t have the same quality as previous shows, Deadline Hollywood Daily reports.
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  1. my favorite show is now off due to the writer’s strike. i don’t understand how they can afford to keep striking – if what is being said that these writers are just middle class working stiffs how can they afford to strike and by striking some of them may not have jobs to go back to. some kind of agreement should be reached – i know my viewing habits are going to change to none at all.

  2. I am so sick of hearing about the WGA’s constant complaining and whining. It seems like every day they find something new to bitch and moan about. They are like a bunch of 1-year olds.
    Those stupid writers are complete pigs. They ruin the fun for everyone. They should all loose all of their money. They don’t deserve anything. I hope they shut the fuck up and stop the constant crying. How long do they expect people to feel sympathy for them? Mine ran out a long time ago. I just can’t support a bunch of greedy hogs.

  3. Support the people that make TV shows and movies possible.
    The studios have screwed themselves out of more money over the unresolved blueray/hddvd format feud than the strike, but once again same result, everybody loses as the studios laugh at you from their ivory towers.
    They couldn’t create their way out of a wet paper bag. You don’t watch sports to see the team owner in his airconditioned sky box smoking a cigar.
    New media issues must be resolved and a single HD disc format needs to be agreed upon. It would be best for everyone.

  4. what is a strike suckers

  5. Most writers are making just enough money off a project to live until they finish thier next project. They do deserve a fair portion of the money that shows they write make and they barely see anything.
    I know it’s annoying that they are striking and it is affecting much that was good this past year, but it has to happen every now and then. It’s the studios that are greedy, and you can plainly see that in thier business practices over the past 10 years.

  6. I don’t fully understand what the differences are at the table. Topics are mentioned but no specifics. No justification for either side. The public needs tgo know more about this and we are not getting it unless we are in the industry and read the trades.

  7. I don’t fully understand what the differences are at the table. Topics are mentioned but no specifics. No justification for either side. The public needs tgo know more about this and we are not getting it unless we are in the industry and read the trades.

  8. I am not pleased with what is going on. I mean, get over it people. You are ruining it for the rest of us that like our tv programs. I can honestly say that if none of my shows air new episodes soon I am going to quite watching tv all the time. I live in Floirda and I am poor right now. We have no cars to get us anywhere and most of all, we barely have any food in the house. People need to start understanding that bitching about pay isn’t important think about all those out there like me and my family that have to live in poverty and see and hear all the rest of you loosers complain about not getting paid. I grew up in the fucking foster system in illinois and got my son taken away becuase I didn’t have the family support that I needed. Merry fucking christmas. People need to grow up and look at reality this world is very greedy.

  9. It will be interesting see whether the TV ratings will be as bad as the writers hope it will be. Since I predicted the strike to last a year. This will be the worst case scenario. It’ll be neither good or bad. It’ll be mediocre, but survivable ratings. So no side gets an advantage. Thus they will be locked in World War I stalemate. I think if you look at it closer, the ratings will fall, but not enough to force anything. Why? 1. Scripted television is not doing what it used to. 2. Reality TV has sometimes surpassed or is just little behind scripted television.
    3. Cable stuff is flooding into the networks because now they now own them too. So fresh stuff will keep flowing. 4. Election stuff will take center stage. 5. Late night hosts are going back to work. So like I said before. WGA struck too late. WGA knows it. That is why they were hoping to shock the producers with this strike and fool them into settling before the end of year. It didn’t work. Now they backed themselves in a corner. This is a dance to the death.

  10. I can’t believe that people think that having their TV shows to watch is more important than the writers of those shows making a decent living!
    And the reason the writers, who make very little money, can afford to strike for so long is that California allows people who are on legitimate strikes to collect unemployment.

  11. Wow. I have never seen a bigger group of selfish, greedy, pig-headed swine than the WGA. Those dickheads are trying to hurt the producers, but us fans are cought in the crossfire. They want fair. They call this fair? What a bunch of whiney dickwads!

  12. Hey WGA!
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  13. The writers have screwed me and thousands of people out of jobs who work in the entertainment industry. Before the holidays too. It’s not like a have 3 kids to buy Christmas presents for and bills to pay or anything like that. Oh wait I do! I think that all the writers can go Fcuk themselves and they should know that there not irreplaceable. They are all a bunch of scumbags and now I’m struggling to pay for the holidays on a crappy unemployment check. Thanks guys!

  14. WGA=bunch of fuckin greedy moronic pigs! go back to hell you stupid jackasses. i think the public is fed up with their constant bitching! fuck ’em.

  15. Hey Patricia,
    How about YOU stop bitching and moaning about how everyone ELSE has made YOU poor and YOUR life a misery and use this opportunity to get off your ass “watching TV all the time” and GET A JOB!!!

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  18. I’m more upset about the studio execs who unfairly pocket millions of dollars that rightfully belongs to the workers. I wish these guys were stripped naked and forced to live on the streets. Maybe then they’d realize that cheating working people isn’t kosher.

  19. i think one side needs to give. i think the wga needs check themselves, they arent the only ones suffering, when the strike is over most will have a job to come back to but what about those who are not writers and got fired? so where is the gain? i mean 40,000 is a pretty decent living compared to what u could be making at a fast food joint. and the studio people could be a tad more compromising. all im saying is this strike is getting old and everyone else has to suffer for it (and im not just talking about people not getting to watch their shows). my view is just give the “ultimatum” either shut the fuck up and go back to work or u better start looking for another job.

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