Writers Strike News Roundup: Wednesday, Dec. 19

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Late Night, Directors Challenge Writers Guild
Jay Leno, Conan O’Brien, David Letterman, Craig Ferguson and Jimmy Kimmel all have made the move to return to the airwaves on Jan. 2, putting the Writers Guild of America in a tense spot, Daily Variety reports.
Seven weeks deep into its strike, the WGA is under pressure to making an agreement with producers, as the late-night hosts have decided to soldier on, the newspaper says.
Also of concern to the writers is the Directors Guild of America, which is finalizing talks with producers over its own contract negotiations. The DGA’s talks could undermine the WGA’s efforts, the newspaper reports.
Writers Picketing Golden Globes
Rejected for a Writers Guild of America waiver, the Golden Globes now are scheduled to be picketed by the WGA, assuming the guild is still on strike by the time of the telecast on Jan. 13, Daily Variety reports.
Dick Clark Productions, producer of the Globes telecast, fears many actors won’t cross the picket line to attend the event, the newspaper says.
Directors, Writers Talk New Media
The Directors Guild of America and the Writers Guild of America will meet to discuss new-media issues, including information the DGA has researched regarding new-media compensation, Daily Variety reports.
The two sides were tight-lipped about the meeting, acknowledging only that it was occurring. Insiders believe that with the announcement of the DGA’s research, directors and the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers will figure out an agreement on the two sides’ contract negotiations, the newspaper says .
ABC Holds Strike Seminar
ABC is trying to raise awareness of the plight of the studios during the writers strike by stifling comments on ABC.com having to do with the strike and by holding strike-education seminars that twist facts about the guild, Deadline Hollywood Daily reports.
According to the blog, strike-related comments have been pulled from ABC.com message boards. Also, an insider tells the blog the ABC strike seminar distorted facts about the guild and the strike, including saying the WGA wanted to strike in July and the reason for the strike is purely political.
Foreign Press Hopeful for Guild Negotiations
The Hollywood Foreign Press Association responded to the organization’s Writers Guild of America waiver denial, saying it was disappointed, the Los Angeles Times reports.
But the HFPA said it is hopeful about initiating individual producer negotiations with the guild, the Times says.


  1. WGA sucks!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. You writers are a cancer for this country. Stop making such a fuss. It’s getting on my nerves.
    You self-centered hogs! You should all be thrown in jail. You care only about your stupid money. Don’t you see you cause a lot of pain and hardship for a lot of families? Are you so blind you can’t see the damage you are causing? How many people have to die in order for you to shut up already! Fuck you all to hell you greedy bastards!

  3. The WGA stands for wealth, greed and arrogance. Get over yourselves and be glad that those of you who were working prior to the strike actually had jobs. Working is a privilege in this economy! GO BACK TO WORK YOU LOSERS! And stop making everyone else in the industry suffer for your greed!!

  4. To all the writers and union people:
    It IS hurting lots of families, think about everybody else that works on a show, so please stop being so GDG!
    You already have it good! Quit being babies and grow up.

  5. I am all for the WGA strike. This work stopage not only demonstrates the solidarity of American workers, but also has provided the opportunity to catch up on reading and home projects, enjoy the beautiful weather and outside activities, and begin a hobby. I hope the WGA never returns to work and TV dies.

  6. The asshole producers. All they want is money. Why won’t those asshole producers go back and negotiate. The writers want to negtiate its the producers who are off buying their 17th ferrari while all of use crew starve.

  7. I cannot believe how selfish you people are? The WGA is only asking for a four cent raise stop being a complete idiot. I am only a student in Highschool and I have more sense than you all! Stop being ridiculous.

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