Comcast Promises 1,000 HD Channels by Year End

Jan 8, 2008  •  Post A Comment

(Corrected at 3 p.m. to note HD choices in first paragraph.)
Comcast will offer more than 1,000 high-definition choices by the end of 2008, Comcast CEO Brian Roberts said during his keynote address Tuesday morning at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.
The cable operator is rolling out a new system architecture called Project Infinity that will increase the amount of video-on-demand Comcast can offer.
“This will let us offer over 6,000 movies on-demand, more than 3,000 in HD,” Mr. Roberts said. “This new architecture paves the way for our ultimate visions of what on-demand can be. Project Infinity is the content-hungry consumers’ dream. … You are never going to want to get off the couch.”


  1. 1000 hd choices…900 of them probably will cost $. verizon and directv with 150 real channels will proabbly be a better choice

  2. Psst. You fixed the first sentence but you left the TITLE wrong.

  3. More choices would be great if we really were given more choices.
    A fan of Asian TV and movies would like to see ImaginAsian TV and the Hawaii based Korean TV channel available, as well as Korean and Chinese films on demand.
    I’d also like to see local news and information programs from around the country available on demand. WCSH-TV in Portland, Maine (120 miles from oue home) runs a weekly show about life in Maine, something my wife and I would love to watch. We also love New Orleans and Cajun culture, so on-demand access to shows from Louisiana. Improved on-demand services could make such local programs accessible to couch potato travelers like us and to those who moved from their faraway home states for whatever reason.

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